The Halo Effect

Every now and then a game will come along and change the whole playing field and Halo is one of those games. Flame wars will always exist with video gamers but when you set aside heated emotions and focus on all the things Halo did as a game and even more, it's influence on the industry, you will be hard pressed to find any existing game on any system this generation that has made such an impact.

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Halo3 MLG Pro3436d ago

The Halo Universe is just plain awesome.

talltony3436d ago

Man I always loved Halo. It deserves to be the most played online game right now cause its just so fun to pick up and play.

edhe3436d ago

Tha backstory is nice. Wish it was included into the games more.

Godmars2903436d ago

If you don't look at it too closely.

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SpoonyRedMage3436d ago

I think this place is going to explode with comments.

But I do agree, Halo didn't create the FPS, far from it, but it refined Console FPSs and brought them into the mainstream.

It's kind of like Star Wars, took a lot of things from previous creations but used them well and made them popular.

table3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Halo:CE to me feels like the original star wars in a sense that it was fantastic.

Halo 3 feels like the new star wars because it brings nothing new to the series and instead leaves you feeling let down. Only the little kiddies think the new ones are better in both.


i have to say i kind of agree. i know not everyone thinks the same naturally and i can accept that some people like 3 more then 2... or 1.

but for me, i have to say i agree. halo 1 was the best and halo 3 i felt let down by.

Shepherd 2143436d ago

you are yet another ignorant person who for some strange reason thinks the original Star Wars films are so much better than the new ones.

The older films are riddled with as much bad dialog and cheesy sequences as the new ones, you just dont realize it because the older ones came first and youve grown to love them over the years.

On topic, Halo 3 is amazing. The Halo Trilogy is amazing. The Halo Universe and story are compelling and captivating, i love it all. Addictive, simple, and refined gameplay, and supreme customization over most other console FPS's.

X_GAMER_X3436d ago

Halo is.........HALO :)