CVG : Damnation review

Andy Hartup from CVG writes:

"Damnation is a glowing example of how technology in the wrong hands can lead to disaster. Now, when we say this, are we referring to the story, which sees you taking on an army of evil robots in an alternative, steampunk version of the US Civil war? Or are we referring to the fact that Blue Omega have made one of the worst Unreal Engine-powered games we've ever seen? Hmm..."

One of the worst shooters of this generation. The clue really is in the name...

* Hilarious dialogue

* Weak shooting
* Weak platforming

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Daz3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

i was going to rent this but i got a cake instead today :P

table3435d ago

Halo Killer? Looks good enough to be. /joking people