Adapter to run Guitar Hero on PS3 no more

Many were delighted to hear about an upcoming gadget announced months ago that will allow players to use PS2 accessories on the PS3. In case you haven't heard of this news, Nyko Technologies announced the Nyko adapter that will let you use your Dual Shock controllers, racing wheels and the Guitar Hero controller on your Playstation 3.

Sounds interesting, huh? Hate to be the wet blanket here, but that gadget is never going to come out. Bummer. Then again, this means you will still have to use your PS2 in playing Guitar Hero as much as you want. Nyko claims that certain limitations in the PS3 hardware prevented it from releasing the product with support for Guitar Hero.

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kmis874281d ago

I NEEED a ps3 guitar to come out soon. It's driving me crazy having to alternate from ps2 to ps3 to play guitar hero 2. Guitar Hero 3 can't come soon enough for the ps3. Unfortunately 1980s edition hits before that so I'll have to put up with this bullcrap even longer.

Tut4281d ago

I am glad someone else shares the same passion for Guitar Hero that I do!

<3 kmis87

ammojoe4281d ago

I'm with you guys. It sucks to have to switch between the two for this. GH is really the last game I have been playing on the PS2. When's the 80's version coming out? Whats it called? I am really surprised they haven't jumped on this sooner for the PS3. Imagine the micro transaction possibilities :). They are going to have song packs for the 360 version so I might end up getting that version too. I could see myself dumping another hundred dollars easy on song packs if they are good.

MikeMichaels4281d ago

Don't you guys channel that enthusiasm into learning real guitar!!

I'm sure that in the amount of time some kids have spent playing this game, they could have taught them self how to play for real.

...and yes i do play.

kmis874280d ago (Edited 4280d ago )

Bubbles for everyone else who loves guitar hero!

1.3: The cold hard facts are that I have no real musical talent. I'm completely tone deaf and I have no creative musical abilities. But it's totally awesome that you can actually play guitar though. If it weren't for people that could actually do it and do it well, then I wouldn't be able to pretend that I could be one of those people through videogames.

1.2: It's tentatively called Guitar Hero: 1980's Edition and it has a scheduled NA release of June 13. No word on ps3 or 360 versions. I would expect any future 360 release of the 1980s edition would be as a map pack, as it's not a full sequel. Guitar Hero 3 will probably hit before the holidays this year for all systems, and it is being developed by Neversoft, not Harmonix.

Tut4280d ago

Mike, I do play the real guitar as well and have for four years (I love my Breedlove). I don't see anything wrong with choosing this game over learning how to play the actual guitar. Hell, I think the game is a LOT more fun most times than playing my real guitar. =)

I guarantee the amount of time some people (not only kids, as I am not a child myself and hope other "grown-ups" play this game) put into the game could have actually translated into knowing how to play the real guitar... but who cares? There are a lot more factors that contribute to the difficulty of playing the guitar and not everyone can make music sound beautiful or even appealing.

For those people and the rest of us who like to rock the sh!t out, there's Guitar Hero, baby! Woooooo!!!

I can also beat all my friend's a$ses in Guitar Hero because none of them know how to play the actual guitar, so it is more of a community thing. The closest I can get to a competition with a real guitar and beating one of my friends is using them as a weapon and literally beating them, which gets expensive.

Rock on! =)

MikeMichaels4280d ago (Edited 4280d ago )

I guess i can understand that. I'm just looking at it from a different prespective.

But when i see you guys playing this game, i swear that if you gave me a few weeks i could get you up and running on a real guitar!!

...the 3 or 4 times i've played the game, i can just pick it up and follow the music on screen to almost prefection. There is a more of a relation between the two than people realize.

EDIT: I'm not saying there's anything with wrong with playing GH Tut. It's awsome!

Oh, and i'm a 15 year vet myself, started playing when i was 14-15...29 now.

Tut4280d ago (Edited 4280d ago )

For sure, I totally agree with you there. I had the same thing happen to me when I started playing the original Guitar Hero. I blew through every song with no real problems once I got the keys and strums down. I don't think I failed a song until I hit Hard.

The one thing that I REALLY enjoy about the Guitar Hero series is that it spreads different types of music around for people to play and listen to. From the original Guitar Hero's unlockable extra songs I found a lot of songs that I really enjoy and had never heard of. Even better I get to play the songs. And even better than that I get to play every song on the game with a full band ensemble instead of just the guitar. =P

Man I love this game!

Edit: No worries man I didn't take your comment as someone who dislikes or looks down on people who play the game instead of putting the effort into learning how to really play. It is a really valid argument that even my friends and I have debated about on more than one occasion. Trust me, I value the perspective you explained because I believe that is the best way to learn and grow.

But daaamn at your years invested! You involved with any bands or is it just a hobby? It is just something to do for fun and enjoyment for me, and usually in my private time or a very small audience.

Caxtus7504280d ago

slightly off topic, but can i just say that i am giving both you two (Mike and TuT) bubbles. It is great to see people get on and share each others views and act friendly, a refreshing change from many other threads on here.
:) thanks for restoring my faith!

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God of Gaming4281d ago

Interesting timing considering the 360 GH2 is out next Tuesday!

Tut4280d ago

Agreed. I don't mean this as a jab to the Xbox360 because I know it has quality games, but stores SUCK at getting any of them on demo because of ratings and whatnot. But, the X360 GH2 demo has brought a LOT more attention to the Xbox360 at the store kiosks. Every store I would go to had the same old boring and overplayed demo running and I would never see anyone playing at the 360 kiosk (rarely, but it wasn't sustained for long), but with stores putting in GH2 it has upped the popularity and now I see at least a few people play it every time I go in.

It's a rockin game, one of the best I have played, and I am truly glad that everyone can enjoy it without missing out because of console choice (save for the Wii, but the Wii gets some awesome drumming sims and whatnot, so I think they will get as much play). I just hope I can beat some butt on-line with it.

Extreme Mode only! Fret Burners 4tw!

techie4280d ago

Hmmm...I used to love Amplitude and Frequency (same guys made it...without the guitar and much more interesting as you do all the instruments)...never was attracted with buying a plastic guitar...

Covenant4280d ago

Buy a 360. That'll solve the problem! :)

Hopefully, Nyko can fix this, and soon.

Covenant4280d ago

Both the PS2 and PS3 have USB ports...why not a universal guitar (first or third party) with a USB adapter that covers Sony and MS systems? Yeah, GH owners would have to buy a second guitar for their existing PS2 game, but without Nyko's adapter, is there any other way? It would also allow 360 owners to have a second guitar for multiplayer play.

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