Nvidia G300 rumored to be extremely powerful

TechSpot: "The past year has been surprisingly refreshing for the video card market. AMD has been getting over their growing pains following their ATI merger, with a great Radeon HD 48xx series, while Nvidia has been pushing out some amazing cards in their G2xx lineup. For the high-end, it's about to get even better. Nvidia's upcoming G300 may be ready to beat the pants off AMD, with recently posted specifications indicating that it will be the very definition of a "heavyweight" card."

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Kakkoii3531d ago

Love me sum GT300. Hurry up and release test samples Nvidia D:<!!! I wanna see this puppy in action.

richie007bond3530d ago

Yeah we need some benchmarks to see what this baby can do, i only wish dev's would push the power of these new cards. Look at what the PS3 and 360 can out put and the dev's haven't yet pushed the limits of these consoles yet,just imagine what could be achieved with the power of this next generation of graphic cards, hell i don't even think we have seen what the 8800 series can achieve maxed out.

Kakkoii3530d ago

Huh? They have been pushed to their limit. Even the best card from Nvidia struggles running Crysis at max settings, max resolution and 16xAA. And maxing out GTA IV's graphic sliders would be a dream.

The GPU's on the current consoles suck bawls, they offload most of the work onto the cell cores. If say Drake's Fortune was well ported or made for the PC, you would see and even more amazing version of it.

shazui1233530d ago

I can help you out with maxing GTA4s sliders, add this into the game config in oplace of the stuff Get into game folder and put this in the "commandline" text document
" -nomemrestrict -availablevidmem 2.0 -norestrictions -percentvidmem 100". Before "-nomemrestrict" have to do SPACE!
Finally save the changes. Also, make sure this is in place of the nomemrestrict stuff before. Itll stream all its textures off ur ram if u have 4gb of it and therell be no pop in and ur gfx card wont even be stressed running GTA4 on max. mine is at 40fps and i have a 8600 gt. I oc'ed it myself :)

shazui1233530d ago

I disagree kakkoi. The programming is blatantly not taking advantage of these gfx cards. look at ps3 exclusive games and theyre running on the 7800 gts :) some are arguably better looking than games like crysis! so they havent done so. And i know the cell is responsible for a lot of it but still the total output of the ps3 is near 2 gigaflops, the 4870 X2 does that on its own, so why arent pc games looking amazing with just an X2? why doesnt crysis run at 60 or even 30 fps solidly with maximum graphics enabled, a 1920x1080 resolution and at least 2xQMSAA? PC coders are so lazy in comparison to ps3 exclusive coders, also 360 exclusive coders.

Kakkoii3529d ago

Uhh, Crysis does run solid with those settings lol. It's 16xAA that really drops down the frame rate. Nvidia worked with Crytek to optimize that game as much as possible. Crysis uses DirectX 10 and Shader Model 4, while the consoles can only use DX9 and SM3, whose effects take less work. The amazing looking games on the consoles use a lot of tricks to look good, and it's mainly just good looking textures with ok lighting effects. Crysis uses a lot of advanced tech.

This page shows off why Crysis and the CryEngine2 is so advanced over other games.

Playing Crysis at only 1080p with 2xAA and DX9 and high quality is easy. Those are the settings the consoles usually play games at. Sometimes the consoles can't even handle AA.

richie007bond3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

I have to disagree with you Kakkoii, what am talking about is the features of these cards, shader model 4, Ambient Occlusion directx 10 effects have not been pushed as far as i can see. The 8800 series of cards are DX 10 but most games are still using DX9, devs are using some of the Dx10 effects but its few and far between. Crysis yes is a stunning looking game and use's DX 10 features but its badly optimized resulting in low framerates for most users, i dont think IMO that the current generation of DX 10 cards are not being used to their full effect, and i suspect with the right programming and optimization can be used to display some stunning looking games that put the current consoles to shame.

Kakkoii3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Crysis is actually incredibly optimized. Crytek teamed up with Nvidia to do just that. People just don't realize how advanced the technology in Crysis is compared to other games. Other games focus on texturing and custom lighting to make their games look fantastic. While Crysis uses advanced lighting and volumetric software to give more realism. But that comes with performance cost. Not to mention the thousands of destructible trees/foliage and many buildings. Then there's the incredibly life like water and advanced lighting to go along with that. Also combined with higher poly counts than pretty much any other game would dare to use. Crysis employs a lot of advanced processing intensive technology instead of using tricks to emulate it, even if it's hard to tell the difference. The only reason we can run Crysis at acceptable frame rates is because it is so optimized. It's a game made from future tech.