Director plays first level of Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Here is a new video of the director of Ninja Gaiden Sigma playing through the first level. (Off-screen footage)

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D R Fz4274d ago

that was amazing. This should jump straight to 1000 degrees. good find deep

princ3ofp3rsia4274d ago

Yes it was amazing. So this is a PS3 exclusive huh?

techie4274d ago

apparently. It's ready to ship for the ps3 in june and without any further announcements, if it does come to the 360 I expect it to come bundled in with Ninja Gaiden 2 :)

Wrecked4273d ago

Played it on Xbox two years ago but still...JK

Not sure why you would want to turn this into a PS3 exclusive thing.

Great game all should enjoy. Just hope Team Ninja doesn't forget the "true gamers" that made this game known.

princ3ofp3rsia4273d ago

I was just asking coz it says it's available on the PS3...I wouldn't want it to be a PS3 exclusive since I own a 360...

D R Fz4274d ago

either it was on the easy setting or the director is real nice at Ninja Gaiden

techie4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

Thank Violator, he gave me the heads up.

It is amazing. It looks so good and clean...leaves falling and all that. It really does look just as good as the screenshots

It won't go to 1000degrees because i didn't put "amazing" or some flame bate title.

The General4274d ago

Can't wait for Ninja Gaiden 2

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The story is too old to be commented.