IGN: Pre-E3 2009: Heavy Rain Hands-On

To say Heavy Rain is an ambitious title would be an understatement, and to say it isn't unique would be a flat-out lie. What Quantic Dream is crafting here could turn out to be nothing short of an instant classic if all the pieces come together correctly. It'll take IGN more than a single play-through to figure that out, however, as the game isn't designed to be a linear tale by any stretch of the means. Instead, it's something meant to be experienced in unique ways by different people each time you go through the game.

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ballsofsteel3438d ago

many this game is looking great. i love that you could have skipped all the QTE's if you did some snooping around. A lot of people will still belittle this game to an interactive movie or bunch of QTE's. I think review wise it won't be that good as people will say it's just QTE's but i find interactive story telling along with true mature themes very compelling. also i'm kinda glad it's coming out in 2010 cause i have way too many games to get this fall already

Unbiased13438d ago

One of few games i was going to buy in 09, can't believe it was pushed back. Typical for Sony.

MURKERR3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

are not true gamers who have grown up on the xbox shoot em era or are just jealous, videogaming era is crying out for uniqueness & new IPs im tired of gaming in a world of clones and sequels

GameGambits3438d ago

I'm going to get slammed with disagrees, but take the time to read what I'm about to write and give some counter examples to disprove or persuade me on Heavy Rain please.

Indigo Prophecy sucked. The game had only 3 game mechanics. Hit the right stick in a direction, play games of simon says, and L/R trigger squeezes. That was all.

Indigo was short. 7 hours short. Nowhere near enough time to connect to the characters of which only 2 really felt fleshed out-Lucas and his brother. Karla, Tyler, Agatha, etc all needed so much more game time and interactivity with to flesh them out. Jade the Indigo Child was also very mute, and felt all so unimportant when you find her.

The story has many problems. There's a point at which Kane has blond hair for a matter of 2 minutes tops in the game, dies, and now he has brown hair again. What was the point? All the QTE's of simon says also cover up what could've been either great cut scenes for boss fights, or could've been epic boss fights with crazy powers. Also, why does Tyler play basketball in 0 degree temperator in shorts and a jersey against another guy? They'd catch a cold to say the least.

Plenty of Indigos story was filler moments. Lucas' apartment a few times was just filler and you doing random crap like playing the guitar(simon says style) or punching a boxing bang. Or the work out at the gym between karla and tyler. Totally pointless and didn't help develop either of them.

Terrible love story. Karla spends over a month trying to catch Kane the crazy killer only to fall in love with him and right out say it to him in about half a day. She also sleeps with him in an abandoned subway car/train car on a dirty mattress. Oh and the sex scenes/nudity are pointless as well, as in they don't fit into the game for the games purpose. At least God of Wars 3some was for orbs or whatever for Kratos to use.

Heavy Rain is now looking just like Indigo with a new coat of paint. If the game is much longer than Indigo, to at least 20 hours, about 5 for each of the 4 characters, then it should fix the character problems I had with Indigo. If they don't rip off the Matrix, then it'll be better. If it the plot is more believable, and I'm not saying that the whole purple and orange clan thing is bad for a sci fi idea, but the fact they send a total of 4 guys after Kane when they've waited for over 2000 years for the Indigo child is just not realistic to the situation. David Cage seems to skim over tons of details that need paying attention to when telling a story. I hope for his sake he's playing the MGS series to see how a game can have a better story than a movie by investing deeply in the characters and the situation they are thrust in to.

Needless to say after that much writing Heavy Rain is a big turn off to me so far. I love innovation and I have a ton of PSN titles downloaded and paid for to back that up. I've played Okami, Viewtiful Joe, and many other unique IPs so I'm all for diversity and making new genres, but with Indigo as the "credibility" motive here it's not working.

Games def. have ways to come back and surprise us to be amazing with a bad game by most peoples views behind them. (Killzone 1 to Killzone 2 leap of awesomeness) Heavy Rain I'm rooting for you I really am, but everything that has came out now in the past 24 hours is a major major turn off. Oh and small complaint---the voice acting does not move with the lips properly for many of the scenes. For a game paying close attention to character detail, lip syncing perfectness is a must...

I'll probably get bubble [email protected], but that's my long bible on N4G for a while because I really wanted to get that off my chest. :)

Why o why3438d ago

cant complain with most of what you've put even if i dont fully agree but at least you've played QD's previous game so +1. 90% of the people downplaying HR have had zero experience with Indigo and are just babbling because its an exclusive they cant play. Its obvious story is as important for you as it is for me and there were many flaws in it especially the 2nd half of the game but there was still nothing out there like it at that time and im hopeful QD will take note of the criticism put at Indigo like I read they would.

pansenbaer3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

I hit you with a disagree. Why? Because you can't catch a cold from being out in cold weather. You can only catch a cold from being exposed to the cold virus. The only reason people get a cold more often in winter is because that is when the virus is spread around more. People are indoors more-more people, less air circulation, more stuffy environment leads to easier transmission of the cold virus.

Just a little FYI for you... :)

Oh, and I also loved Indigo Prophecy. I really loved the story. I get really involved when it comes to movies. I get really upset when my wife is talking or not paying attention during a good suspenseful movie. I treated this the same way. Seeing the preview last night only further cemented the fact that I will LOVE Heavy Rain.

Christopher3437d ago

I've never played Indigo Prophecy, so I thank you for the brief overview of it zlatko. Not to say you've made me change my mind or anything of that sort, but I look at it with a bit more understanding of how his previous game played out at the least.

I think my one question from the IGN preview is whether or not there will be a QTE that allows me to remove dorky looking sunglasses?

LastDance3437d ago

"Typical for Sony."

I know, damn them and their quality!!

I wish more people were like microsoft.

rockleex3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Is during the fight scenes.

But I don't get why they use QTE for the fight scenes when during other times, you have full control over your character while being able to interact with any object.

Why don't they just use that same system for the combat sequences?

For example, you move your character around to dodge the attacks, and if you come close to an object you can press the button and your character will use it in a certain way depending on the situation.

This would be better than just watching the fight scenes take place and waiting to press buttons.

rockleex3437d ago

Who told you Heavy Rain was pushed back?

I haven't heard anything about that.

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ThaGeNeCySt3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

I cannot WAIT for this game... as a huge fan of Indigo Prophecy, I'm completely INTRIGUED by this title and i'm there day one whenever this releases (anyone catch this on Spike TV where the guy said "coming exclusively to the PS3 next year) ?

I hope that's a mistake


So it is pushed back :(

SL1M DADDY3438d ago

The exclusive to PS3 part? That my friend is exactly it, the game is exclusive to PS3.

ThaGeNeCySt3436d ago

naw, I was talking about the "next year" part

Goldsack3438d ago

..ROD..Sales..ROD..Sales..ROD. .a never ending Story!!!

spirited3438d ago

its sad but true this game wont sell as much as the hype is.

today gamers dont want to waste their money on something new creative or original despite of the good reviews(yes they call it waste)

they only want to shoot with the guns

Narutone663437d ago

is geared toward the mature adult gamers. The run and shoot games are for the teenagers. Thus the reason xbox fans will not like this games.

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