Become A Pimp With DigitalXpression's Pimp Game

If you have unsuccessfully tried pimping girls in real life, then this is the game for you. In Pimp Game, you take on the roll of a pimp on a distant planet and control hoes to do your dirty work for you to eventually take control of as much territory as possible.

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Immortal Kaim4065d ago

Well I guess it is 'filling a hole' in the various gaming genres. :)

Matpan4065d ago

That was just some damn fine and classy sarcasm!
Gotcha there! ;)

bubs to you!

gaminoz4065d ago

Crim Sim expansion....

XboxOZ3604065d ago

Well, if at first you don't succeed, then try, try and try again . . .

either that, or just give up and become a vegetarian.

4065d ago
FinalomegaS4065d ago

maaaa when I grow up i wanna be a pimp!

Superfragilistic4065d ago

Pimp-stick peripherals coming to the Wii in '09!

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