1up: TurboGrafx-16 Virtual Console Outlined for April


The official Virtual Console page has revealed what's coming for the TurboGraphx-16 (of which each game costs 600 points) in the next few weeks:

Dragon's Curse (April 2nd, Hudson Soft)
Shockman (April, Huson Soft)
Battle Lode Runner (April, Hudson Soft)
Bonk's Revenge (April, Hudson Soft)
Bravoman (April, Hudson Soft)

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MikeMichaels4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

I own the TurboGrafx version of all of these titles, i'll give you the rundown....

Dragons Curse = Decent. Actually Wonderboy 3 on the Sega Master System. Change forms to progress further/solve puzzles 6.5/10

Shockman = Poor man's Megaman. Floaty controls, a few side scrolling shooter sections. Looks kinda nice in screen shots but it's a stinker. 3/10

Bonks Revenge = Awesome sequel to Bonks adventure. Once of the few games i would recommend easily. Slight graphical improvments over the original are nice...including more parallax in the BG's!! 9/10

Battle Load Runner = I dunno, it's load runner. If you're old like me and actually liked the original on the c64/Atari/PC then you will be the only one to get any enjoyment out of this one. 3/10

Bravoman = Pure Crap, the guy at Microplay (Canada's EB, yes we have EB too) actually threw this game in when i was buying a couple other used titles. Total waste of plastic, should have thrown it back. 0/10 (seriously)

ITR4278d ago

Shockman in America was actually Shockman 2 in Japan.
It was basically a play on Mega Man.

Shockman 1 and 3 played totally different from Shockman 2.
Shockman1 and 3 both had swords that had charge up attacks but in 2 they killed it for some reason.
(Shockman3 had the best music ever. It's right up their with Castlevania X for PC Engine Duo)