Tomb Raider: Underworld Joins Xbox 360 Classics & PS3 Platinum Hits Range

Eidos Interactive Ltd has announced that Tomb Raider: Underworld has been released for the Classics range for Xbox 360 and Platinum Hits range for PlayStation 3 today.

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darkmurder4072d ago

I expected this game to be quite poor, turns out it wasn't half as bad as I expected.

Superfragilistic4072d ago

How much should I pay for it then?

gaminoz4071d ago

I still have to play this one...but I have to admit Uncharted has me more inspired lately in that genre.

I did enjoy the was just crowded in with TOO MANY GAMES at end of year!

Immortal Kaim4072d ago

Mmmm Maybe I will pick this up now, except I hate the platinum covers...

XboxOZ3604072d ago

Not a lover of the platinum series. It's as if you're getting a secondhand game - buit for a proper retail price . . Just go and grab the retail version in a bargain bin . .?!

Although, I must say I prefer the NEW Lara Croft than the older one . . at least this one is much more agile and willing to show a bit of herself off a little more while doing real acrobatics.

Some of those shots are just plain . well - err - umm . . well you know, embarassing

Silly gameAr4072d ago

Crotch shots FTW. Pretty model too.

XboxOZ3604072d ago

eeerrr yes, that's what I was meaning, she's not embarrassed about it one little (cough cough wouldn't call that little) bit. You have to admit - she does look better than old ballon lips. While she does have a certain animal charm, Alison has it all over her.

Elven64071d ago

With platinum releases you are still supporting the developer, not exactly getting a used copy by any means. I'm all for it if it means publishers and companies can get a bit more from their games at retail.

Wolfie4072d ago

PS3 Trophy Patch for Tomb Raider: Underworld has a confirmed worldwide release date of Thursday the 28th of May :D woot

[email protected]4071d ago

Thanks for the link bubble 4 ya, now I found my reason to buy it when an price drop occur.

HDgamer4071d ago

Will buy this game once it drops price.

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