PSXE: Infamous Review

All in all, inFamous is well worth the wait and well worth your cash. It's yet another fantastic exclusive to add to Sony's never ending list, and it's also yet another great action game to add to yours. inFamous plays extremely well, and has an unusually fun character to it, on top of an addictive one. It boasts a massive game world that you can scale fully and interact with extensively, on top of a game engine that makes it all happen with minimal issues. You've waited for a while now, and you should be happy to know this is a great game.

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BulletToothtony4062d ago

Excellent game.. i'm definitely getting it.. infamous looks so much better than gta4 did.. this is next gen game...

gta4 was like a ps2 upconverted game..

well done sucker punch.. u deserve my money

pixelsword4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

it was really well done. I don't care what critics say about it, after I played it, I can truly say this is a title that lives up to the hype.

The game's story, even the little it had in the demo, showed heart and drew me in a little bit.

You see bums doing bum things like rummaging through the trash for food, and you can hear their reactions when they find good or bad grub.

There's stores and such where you can see through the windows. I like that. A lot. I wasn't expecting that at all. if they show people inside doing things like shop and drink coffee I'll probably lick the television screen.

The sparks and effects and stuff are really, really well done.

The city looks realistic in terms of it being run down and lived-in, but having slick stuff in it. The city reminded me of a mix between Detroit and New York... Correction: Chicago (trains) and Detroit (run-down), with a layer of New York (bums).

I did one of those smashes on top of some glass ceiling and smashed through it. I pissed a little.

you can hear things like people talking on the telephone or people freaking out. If the verbiage is there, it will feel like standard banter betwixt superhero and crowds of people.

When I got done with the second mission I jumped on a third rail for the train and almost got smashed between two passing trains.

You can go all superhero or balls-out on someone at will. Some dude asked me a [email protected]$$ed question and I charged-up in front of him and he cowered away. I pissed a little more.

I tried to do that combo that I saw on the commercial and I did... well, I at least kicked him off of the roof.

And the climbing was sweet as all get out.

The game was a little challenging... and I checked the options, and it was defaulted to EASY.

The enemies are pretty slick and they make creepy sounds that I didn't expect.

I'm most likely getting this day one.

Sucker Punch, you did it again.

table4062d ago

mate, GTA4 is light years ahead of the GTAs on ps2. Seriously man, go back and play San Andreas then tell me GTA4 looks sh*t. You'll be surprised by how bad the old GTAs looked even though they were great to play.

On topic, Infamous looks to be a keeper.

SL1M DADDY4062d ago

You gotta admit, this game is awesome. The demo is a taste and let me tell you, this game is going to be a wild ride.

II Necroplasm II4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

"gta4 was like a ps2 upconverted game"

I gave you a bubble for those words alone. Rockstar could have done way more with the game then they did.

silvacrest4062d ago

i agree stewgart

but its funny how a game, that old on a "lesser" console has more things to do then GTA 4

im guessing rockstar wanted to slowly add more and more content/ gameplay as they release gta 5, 6 etc

LONEWOLF2314062d ago

This game will be beast no MATTER what the haters say.
The graphics are nice, the action is sweet and the crazy explosions and physics are out of this world.

Saigon4062d ago

graphic wise GTA4 is more stellar than anything on the is suppose to happen...but content wise of what was on GTA4 compared to GTASA is no comparison...GTASA wins hands reason why so many said GTA4 took a giant step back...

Slime4062d ago

"it was really well done. I don't care what critics say about it, after I played it, I can truly say this is a title that lives up to the hype"

Just like Lair, Haze, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, Resistance 2. Have I missed any?

heyheyhey4062d ago

did Killzone 2, LBP and Resistance 2 not rock?

oh yeah i forgot sorry, only sales matter.. those games didn't sell as much as t3h Haloz so they suck

talltony4062d ago

between a 8.9 rated game and 9 rated game.

raztad4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )


WTF are you talking about? What have Lair, Haze in common with KZ2, LBP and R2 besides be only on the PS3? are you implying that KZ2, LBP and R2 are bad games? if so well, whatever makes you sleep at night.

joydestroy4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

i dunno, i didn't come away extremely impressed after playing the demo. the game was fun, but i'm not so sure i'd give it AAA status anymore. i think it's more deserving of an 8.5. but, again, that was just off of demo impressions. still buying it day 1.

i immediately noticed jaggies when i loaded it up though. hope that's taken care of in the final build or i'll be a little disappointed at Sucker Punch.

one thing they did do an extremely good job with was the cut scenes. i typically try to skip through cut scenes in games if i can, but i watched this games. very nice.

Lifendz4062d ago

before i say it looks better than GTA4. It is definetely more fun than GTA4. I'm getting it day one.

4Sh0w4062d ago

played the demo all last night. GTA4 definitely looks better but inFamous was alot more fun for me with just this demo.

talltony4062d ago

Ok here is the thing. you might think gta 4 looks better than infamous at a glance but when a whole lot of things are blowing up without loosing frames then infamous takes the cake. In gta 4 I dnt know if you noticed but when you are driving its almost slow motion sometimes. But yes both games look good.

Aquanox4062d ago

A 87 Metascore in Metacritic is completely respectable. This could even be a Triple A for many.

Good addition to the PS3 library.

raztad4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

That 87 comes from sites giving too much emphasis to the lack of graphical polish (for example jaggies), something that IMO is perfectly made up with all the stuff that goes on on the screen, but yeah, some graphical issues are there and they should be accounted. My problem is that a 8/10 makes inFAMOUS looks just above average, and this game is AWESOME.

For example, if you compare GTA4 score (9.8<---WTF?) and inFAMOUS's you will be deceived to believe that indeed GTA4 is a MUCH better game worth your 60$ bucks. That is false. inFAMOUs is a much, much better game that GTA4.

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Dipso4062d ago

How did so much of the media get hung up on the name "Nathan Cole"?

himdeel4062d ago

...Nathan Drake aka the shooting mechanics reminded them of Uncharted and Cole from Infamous...or perhaps they are retarded. You decide :)

lloyd_wonder4062d ago

I think that was what people speculated at first. "Nathan Hale and Nathan Drake."

raztad4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

I played the demo and it was extremely fun. That is how an open world game should be. Climbing feels awesome, just a pleasure. The combat is really tight, (here is where I differ from the review's author) exciting and challenging, you need to be careful with your energy bombs cause it's easy to hurt yourself.

Talking about graphics, inFAMOUS is not that good looking (at least the demo). On the con side, as others have said, it got some issues with jaggies (more than in GTA4), on the plus side it got a good texture job, good lighting, but the overall graphics are not impressive even when compared with games in the same genre (8.5/10 is a good score IMO in the graphics dept). However where inFAMOUS excels is in the effects. Amazing stuff, a lot of explosions, particles effects, makes this game a pleasure to look at and very exciting to play. After 2 mins in the demo, I totally forgot about "teh jaggiex" and I was having a lot of fun.

Cant wait for this one. At least a solid 9 in my books judging by the demo alone. Good work SP.

raztad4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Only @disagrees.

Press agree if you think game indeed looks better than others open world games out there or press disagree if you think game isnt that fun and doesnt deserves a 9/10

Doctor_Doom4062d ago

This game is a MUST buy if you have a PS3. I tried the Demo today and I was blown away by everything it was Perfect.

Kudos to SuckerPunch

raztad4062d ago

Yeah, definitely a MUST buy. I preordered my copy almost a month ago. Depending on how much it sucks me in, I'll be mostly playing it while getting some chunks of GTA4 action. GTA4 is damn boring but I want to see the story unfold and get some trophies when at it :D

Sangria4062d ago

Playing the demo last night, i must say i felt the same pleasure i had playing Crackdown, it will be definitely a must-buy for me.

ShiNe-Box-4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

More good PS3 news!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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