Auran Games Receives CDC Funding

And $4 million AUD to be used on the MMO Fury.

Auran Games today announced that it has managed to raise $4 million Australian Dollars ($3.2 U.S. Dollars). CDC Games, a business unit of CDC Corporation, China was responsible for supplying this capital. These resources will be used in Auran's upcoming competitive online game, Fury.

"We see the skills, know-how and technology built up by Auran as truly world-class," said John Lee, president of CDC Games, a newly appointed Auran Board Member. "Of the dozens of titles we have evaluated throughout the world, Fury is one of the most competitive games not only for the West, but for the Asian markets as well."

"This investment and partnership is just what we were looking for," said Tony Hilliam, CEO of Auran. "We have an amazing game, an exceptional team, and now we have both the funding and the partners to help us make Fury a Top 10 title in both the East and the West."

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