PS3 Trophy Scanner for Linux (Discover all hidden PS3 trophies)

StreetskaterFU wrote a quick application that runs on the PS3 that basically gives you a list of all the trophies for a certain game. This means that you will get a list of all hidden, secret PS3 trophies before they are released, or discovered by sheer luck or progression. Requires you to have Linux installed on your PS3. (Works for all PS3 trophies).

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GamerscoreWhores4064d ago

This is a message to the stupid fux that reported this story! This is a cracking application.

MGS44744064d ago

They reported it for the right reasons so i dunno who your calling idiot.

WildArmed4063d ago

the only person that your calling an idiot is yourself.
The story is reported for not giving proper credit to the SOURCE.
The article has a via link to another website. hence that should be the source

evilmonkey5014062d ago

don't be a prick. Btw anyone interested in this, well too late. It doesn't work on the new encrypted servers.

ChozenWoan4062d ago

It's just as easy to just go online and find a list of all the trophies.

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