Vicious Engine 2 Tech Demo

GT description, "Vicious Cycle has released a fully-playable demo for their new engine."

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Godmars2903489d ago

Looks as good if not better than KZ2, if its a multiplatform console engine.

If not, then you have to wonder what a console version looks like. If it can even run on the current ones.

I did not murder him3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I'd say it was either PC or the 360. I never played games on windows so I don't know if 360 prompts show up on window's versions of games when using a 360 controller on PC.

odisho683489d ago

it's pc...if you play games on pc with a 360 controller the 360 prompts do show...good lookin engine but this is for sure a pc build...but the console build should look great too

I did not murder him3489d ago

Halo 4 or Halo: Chronicles better be close :)

evrfighter3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Before the graphics>gameplay whores get here. This is most likely going to be for low budget games and probably cheap to license. we'll probably see some low key pc titles come out based on this engine (maybe a couple multiplats) but I wouldn't expect anything AAA. Maybe the possibility of a couple under the radar gems.

Kakkoii3489d ago

As shown on their Engine's page.

"Target all current-gen platforms. Vicious Engine 2 will convert your game to the PLAYSTATION®3, Xbox 360®, and high-end PC platforms simultaneously with the push of a button."

So it's developed on the PC of course, like all games, and thus it's a PC version when it's first made. (All effects and high detail content available). Then "with the push of a button", it will apply all the restriction relative to each console and format/configure things as needed.

I read that this is something Crytek is doing with their CryEngine3 also.

Godmars2903489d ago

Still have to wonder to what degree things will simply transfer "with the push of a button" between the consoles. Unless they've figured out how to do such a thing between two separate machines with different amounts of processors.

Kakkoii3489d ago

Well because most game engines use a pretty specific set of resource formats, it's not a very hard task to do. For example, the 360's GPU is restricted to DX9, so all the engine has to do is run a downgrade on functions to DX9 when it converts to 360. Same goes with Shader Model 4, it has to be downgraded to SM3 for the 360. Most other parts of the engine don't have to be changed, just some minor subsystem changes to accommodate a consoles configuration. Models with lower poly counts will need to be generated along with downsized textures. Options for changing graphics settings will be removed on conversion to a console and optimal settings will need to be benchmarked for on the consoles before a final version is created.

I'm not an engine expert so I can't go into super detail about it, but it isn't to hard to do PC to 360. Converting to the PS3 is another story..

bullswar3489d ago

Is it me or all you guys who've seen this video couldn't figure out that in the end there is a button (A) appearing on screen .... this demo footage is taken from Xbox 36.

......... !!!!!!! THIS FOOTAGE IS TAKEN FROM XBOX 360 !!!!!!!........

Matpan3488d ago


Luckily, there never is a final word on graphics or what hardware can be capable of when correctly coded :)

I hope console versions get as close as it can be.

It can easily be shown on a PC with a 360 controller connected..

Anyways, if it is a 360 demo... just WOW!!! so much for the XBOX360 has reached it´s peak (and PS3 for what it matters)

Everybody wins :)

talltony3488d ago

its obvious its on 360.

Godmars2903488d ago

Just because they see something playing on the 360, they willfully assume that the PS3 can't run it. Sad.

The demo deserves point for water and certainly smoke effects which I've never seen in a game.

free2game3653488d ago

lots of people who have never heard of Xinput in here

FamilyGuy3488d ago

I'd welcome this as the engine of choice over the highly use UE3.
An HD version of this video would be nice to have as a real look at how good/bad it is.

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Kakkoii3489d ago

Look pretty good. Can't seem to find the demo anywhere though =/

I did not murder him3489d ago

Thats was the demo somebody was playing.

Kakkoii3489d ago

Yeah I realize that. I'm saying, I can't find the demo that's being played anywhere.

The video says "Vicious Cycle has released a fully-playable demo for their new engine."

So where is this fully-playable demo, is what I'm talking about.

I did not murder him3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I don't get it. It sounds like you think this tech demo will be released on Steam, XBL, PSN or something. I thought the video or footage itself was the demo being played for demonstration.

Kakkoii3489d ago

No, that would just be a tech demo. What is being shown is an actual playable demo. And no not on steam, but when someone says "released" then it obviously has to be somewhere. It specifically says they released a fully playable demo. Otherwise it would say they have released footage of their engine in action.

andron3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

That was the first game to use this engine. If you look closely the Space Marine and the Russian soldier are from that game.

The engine looks good at times, but judging from playing Eat Lead, it still could use some work. It had some slowdown with hectic scenes and levels weren't very large...

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Shadow Man3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

thats great.

Where can I download the demo?

I did not murder him3489d ago

The tech demo is playable and not in a standard demonstration build.

Example: Like a camera panning around in a environment showing off capabilities in a systematic manner.

badkolo3489d ago

i thought it was a new halo game for a second, the music fooled me.

xg-ei8ht3488d ago

Looks better then killzone 2, ROFL. Not i'm afraid.

Matpan3488d ago

Well I think it looks at least on-par judging for this low res vid. It might look even better on high res. Lighting was pretty impressive on that demo. And bare in mind it´s just a demo. Let´s see what a final game with all the right production time can do on that engine...

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