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Beg For Mercy3437d ago

not up to ps3 only games confirmed

Faztkiller3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

the graphics are avg but I'm sure it will make up for that in fun factor

BX813437d ago

this game will smash KZ2 in terms of playability but not looks I think..KZ2 has that from what I see.

Hydrolex3437d ago

Gameplay wise, damn looks good !!!

why not graphic wise ? Because Uncharted is the king

Hydrolex3437d ago

I enjoyed COD more than Killzone 2 ( playability )

TheMART3437d ago

Still it has a steady 60 fps while PS3 exclusives tend to drop far under 30 fps.

COD4 over KZ2 any day

Gue13436d ago

As ever here's Mart with his bullsh!t. Killzone 2 doesn't have any drop in frames. The only PS3 exclusive game like that is Uncharted...

You should get your fanboy googles checked. They are extremely biased.

shazui1233436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

uncharted had no frame rate problems, it had screen tearing problems, but thats ok, UC2 is an exclusive PS3 game and it looks better whilst having no drop in framerate and VSYNC.
@ Mart, if you werent a fanboy, youd clearly see KZ2>COD4 any day. The clan system, the graphics, the realistic controls, the better animations, the more balanced weapons system e.t.c......

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TrevorPhillips3437d ago

oh man ive been hearing alot of good things about this part cannot wait to pre order my copy to get the big posteer :)

IaMs123437d ago

Oh man ya, this shaping up to be Sweet! And i dont see whats wrong with the graphics i think there fine. Im officially excited for this game now.

- Ghost of Sparta -3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

I wish I could complain about the graphics but I can't, since the game runs at 60 frames per second. (I think)

snipermk03437d ago

This is pure rubbish. Every teaser trailer just points to another teaser trailer. Show us some real footage already!

3437d ago
bullswar3437d ago

Welll ... graphics wise this game'll suck ... My GOD this time around they didn't even use proper number of polygons to make thing appear smooth.

This game better be 1080p native with such low resolution detail. The reason for me to buy.

outlawlife3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

the people saying the graphics in this game suck are complete idiots

how do you get through life being that negative?

this game looks better than 90% of the stuff out there and it runs at 60fps

honestly how can you complain?

cod4 still looks great and it is almost 2 years old

ambientFLIER3435d ago

You people are complete idiots. COD4 still looks amazing. This will look even better. Stop comparing it with Chrysis, or Killzone or whatever. It runs at 60fps. Big difference.

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sa_nick3437d ago

Looks pretty sweet. Oh how I wish the PS3 version would have keyboard/mouse support...

MiloGarret3437d ago

I don't, that would be totally unfair, it's better if everyone plays under the same conditions. In street fighter iv you can have an arcade stick, which you as a normal player can't filter out and it is incredibly frustrating to come across one of those. I think everyone should use the same controls, spending money on extra equipment shouldn't give you an advantage in any game.

The only way I'd accept Kb/M support is if there was an option which allowed you to filter out those that have it.

Nikuma3436d ago

I totally can play MW:2 with a keyboard and mouse on my PS3 like I can Killzone or any other FPS...but it's not really worth the trouble when I can just buy the game for PC and enjoy dedicated servers with no lag.

Statix3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

It looks okay. But all of a sudden, MAG doesn't look as subpar graphically as we all initially thought (especially considering the differential in players supported). I've been wondering if MW2 will detract from some of the luster of MAG when they both come out this year at around the same time, but it doesn't look like it will be the case.

Mind you, I'm not complaining about the graphics at all, but just stating the obvious that it doesn't appear to be world-beating or groundbreaking visually. At least based on this short teaser trailer alone.

DelbertGrady3437d ago

It's nice to hear that you still feel secure about your PS3 exclusives.

Snowmobile ftw!

Statix3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Don't be an idiot. This isn't about any favoritism for PS3 exclusives. It's about me choosing and committing to a particular (military) online shooter that I can latch on to and play for a long, long time to come. It's thus come down to between MW2 and MAG this year. COD4 wasn't that game for me just because it was too limited in scope and depth; I played it a lot for a while but eventually dropped it and haven't touched it in the past half-year. I have major questions about whether MW2 will offer any deeper player/weapon customization options or whether it can possibly feel any less limited with its presumable 18-max player count.

MAG with its unique massive and semi-persistent war and world, deep customization/player-creation options, seemingly much greater depth than COD4, and tactical pedigree from Zipper (creators of SOCOM) make it look like it MAY be that online FPS I've been waiting for. Big maybe.

Even if MAG were multiplatform, it wouldn't matter to me one iota. I'd still be as excited for it as I am now. However, judging by your comment history, it's obvious that you're the one who's "insecure about PS3 exclusives."

Unicron3437d ago

I kinda miss the old days where I could focus on a single shooter. I can't do more than one or two MP games at once, otherwise you fall behind, miss out the on the tricks and general flow of the community. There are TOO many FPS's out there that I would love to enjoy, it makes the choice so difficult!

Omegasyde3437d ago

Don't forget about Bioshock 2 either.

lowcarb3437d ago

I'm sorry but Mag is one ugly looking game. I think the developer is nore focused on game play than visuals which is a good thing.

MiloGarret3437d ago

While MW2 is certain to be awesome, MAG is yet to prove itself, so I wouldn't make my mind up just yet.

And why do people think this game is ugly? So far what I've seen of it looks pretty ok imo. I think KZ2 really has spoiled us with its visuals, but don't forget that pretty much zero games will have the support and investments GG has had, so it's unlikely it'll be surpassed any time soon. Better reference material are other current shooters such as res2, geow2 etc...

callahan093437d ago

I don't think MAG has very great graphics, but it's got 256 players simultaneously on humongous maps. It's not going to be the best looking game in the world because there's just too much to compute. The game is looking OK in terms of graphics, but is seeming to shape up into a really great game in terms of fun. So, I'm excited for it, but it isn't going to win any graphics awards. The thing is, the game isn't meant to be the biggest graphical showcase in the world, it's just supposed to be a huge-scale war game to provide fun for tons of people to get together and strategize and shoot people up. It's going to be really fun. If you want a graphical showcase, look into Killzone 2, Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2, etc.

JohnnyBadfinger3436d ago

256 players is to many. for 1 can you imagine 128 people trying to communicate at 1 time, it be chaotic.
No good launching it as a world wide game because Australia have no dedicated servers because Sony and Microsoft haven't heard of us in Australia, and yet we pay more for our xbox live then anyone else in the world and get less then everyone else at the same time. But saying that PSN also fails to deliver in australia and fails to grow a large enough community so your always stuck in games with asians and americans playing on the all glorious red or yellow ping bar.

Absolutely nothing wrong with MW2 graphically. I for one can't really see the fuss over Killzone 2s graphics but then i only play it at my mates place on a 22" standard def TV.

gotta remember the game hasn't gone gold yet so the graphics can still get better they may have down scaled them... unlikely but who really knows and why is it important.

HOLY S*** i didn't F***en swear once in this post.

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Skyreno3437d ago

it looks okay :) can;t wait to see gameplay