Has Microsoft Given 7.5 Million Gamers the Finger?

Having put the boot into Sony for its late play on region specific exclusivity for Ghostbusters, Gameplayer returns serve to Microsoft admidst rumours that they've pulled the same stunt with Tony Hawk's RIDE. They explain in the article why the leaked news may very well be true, despite Activisions backflip.

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Sucks2BU5531d ago (Edited 5531d ago )

I sure hope you come in here and renege your comments from that other article, clearly MS are as culpable as Sony when it comes to this stuff as far as GP are concerned.

As an MS fan, however, whatever. I will be playing SKATE 2.

Pixel_Addict5531d ago (Edited 5531d ago )

I bet that is really how you think "sucks to be you" is spelled. Reading your inane comment is proof.

You are comparing Sony, who is helping to publish the game, decision to exercise their investment the way they see fit; some how equal to Microsoft's constant dubious, deceitful practice of using money to divert content away from the PS3 and it's owners along with countless other ethically questionable acts?????????

I hope every 360 you ever manage to convince your mommy to buy, falls victim to the RROD.

I hope you enjoy your pathetic 5 bubbles, cause I can see you're not going to hang on to them long.

Omegasyde5531d ago

Dirty Tells the truth.

When is the last time Atari made a "AAA" game ? EVE/Neverwinter night may be popular, but in comparison to EA, Take2, Campcom, Konami...etc.

Atari really degraded especially at all the money they blew on Alone in the dark.

Bucky Sligo5531d ago

"You are comparing Sony, who is helping to publish the game, decision to exercise their investment the way they see fit; some how equal to Microsoft's constant dubious, deceitful practice of using money to divert content away from the PS3"
I don't see the difference. When Msoft "excercise their investment the way they see fit" it's called deceitful. Let's not forget that Sony covered up their rumble lawsuit by saying rumble is last gen. Now everybody needs to rebuy controlers. Companies are evil, even Sony.

7ero H3LL5531d ago

the only people i give the finger to is the people at N4G, f#cking people need to give this site a rest.

Sucks2BU5531d ago

I was just wondering if all the people who went ape $hit last time about how no-one ever says anything when MS do exclusive deals would bother to say anything now or not

Pandemic5531d ago (Edited 5531d ago )

Isn't this just a news article stating the new Tony hawks game could be an exclusive in the UK.. If so, it means this article is a duplicate.


heroicjanitor5531d ago

It even has the same preview picture. So I don't see why anyone would "renege" their comments when it was true at the time.

And Sony are publishing the game they should be able to time it's exclusivity, but microsoft always pay money to stop ps3 owners getting games, it is sickening.

Rather than stop us playing games they should make some of their own and actually benefit their owners. How does delaying a ps3 game benefit it's owners? Who paid for that through paying for live? It doesn't. They are thieves.

FamilyGuy5531d ago

Timed exclusive for a single region thats studio didn't have enough money to publish, AND you know it's timed. On a game that is an actual gamble to put money behind vs
Full exclusive (as far as we know) for a single region just cuz they felt like waving money at it. On a game that has (use to have) a large fan base.

M$ made the better business decision but they are also the company of a lower moral standing.

I couldn't care less about either game though.

SL1M DADDY5530d ago

No way. Instead, I will say the same thing to Gameplayer today that I said the last time...

*gives Gameplayer the finger*

gaffyh5530d ago

wtf is this sh*t with Sony/MS giving people the finger? Who gives a sh*t, it's just business. Stupid article, stupid title

Matpan5530d ago

So sony is the good samaritan while MS gets to be judas...

Cmon´ wake up and smell the coffee... IT´S BUSINESS!!!!Both companioes are in for the cash, each with it´s approach, both investing. Sony "helped" Atari publish? how convenient, the game is timed exclusive for them in that region. Call it whatever you want. Helping, investing, buying... it´s the same game.

Hildor_muthafo5530d ago

The trailer looked like @$$. Ghostbusters is a much bigger deal.

Enigma_20995530d ago

... how bout you just STFU and take it.. we had to...

ultimolu5530d ago

Cry me a river, seriously.

XxZxX5530d ago

if Microsoft or Sony didn't give u the finger, I will.

DaTruth5530d ago (Edited 5530d ago )

All the PS3 version of Fallout owners, who didn't get to play the DLC says HI!

Even though there are a hundred exclusive DLC that I could bring up, I only brought up that one cause it was the only one anyone really seemed to care about losing.

LOL at Tomb Raider DLC (If it doesn't have a Lara Croft strip tease, I don't want it)!

WhittO5530d ago

MS must be rolling out the money, since its the only way Actvision would do this, since the PS3 is the console that made them the most money last year !

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PirateThom5531d ago

Didn't Activision retract it saying all versions would be out the same time in the UK?

N4PS3G5531d ago

yeah, worthless read ..they even know its not exclusive anywhere

Sucks2BU5531d ago

You do not make mistakes like that. Activision just let the cat out of the bag to early: more to come at E3 for sure.

PirateThom5531d ago (Edited 5531d ago )

So..... they're going to announce a UK Exclusive deal in the US?

Yeah, sure they are.

It just about qualifies as a random press release announcement, never mind a press conference at E3.

Sucks2BU5531d ago

Although is E3 really considered a US thing. It is in the US, but I always saw it as a world stage.

I think if this deal does exist at all or is in discussions it will be for more than just UK. I just think it was leaked by a UK guy who was referring about his region specifically.