Excuse Me, There's Mario In My Kingdom Hearts

Although the original kick off between Square Enix and Disney happened in an elevator all those years ago, Tetsuya Normura has divulged what significantly influenced the original Kingdom Hearts.

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ShawnCollier3438d ago

Interesting, to say the least.

The image you picked is awesome. ;)

Kyll3438d ago

Haha, thanks, lil handy work from a friend.

mephman3438d ago

Maybe Iwata was wrong, it sounds like Miyamoto really is God. :p

Menchi3438d ago

Well, considering this whole article is based on an interview he gave to a Playstation magazine, I wouldn't think so

Fernando Rocker3438d ago

I really think that a Mushroom Kingdom Hearts would be good: Final Fantasy characters plus all the Nintendo characters... yes, please!

free2game3653438d ago

Square would be stupid to not make a Kingdom Hearts game on the Wii, that's where the money would be for something like that.

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