The 50 most anticipated games of E3

E3 2009 is almost here. Each year it has been the premiere event for the videogame industry with a rush of new games, consoles, trailers, demos, booth babes, and announcements. Simply put, it's an entire week of awesome. The last two E3 shows were scaled down almost to irrelevance, but in 2009, all the glitz is back! Sony has already announced that it will be its biggest showing in years. Microsoft's Xbox 360 is due for a big show and the cycle has completed to a point where Nintendo should be ready to unveil a new Zelda for the Wii.
In honor of the return of all the spectacle we've come to expect from the show, GameTrailers will be counting down its 50 most anticipated games right here on this page. We'll begin by unveiling the first 40 (one per day), and culminate with a GT Countdown video highlighting the top 10 just before the fuse is lit. It wasn't easy coming up with the list with new games being announced every day (we're looking at you Assassin's Creed 2). With industry rumors flying all over the place the speculation and excitement will only grow as the show draws near.

Stick with GameTrailers as we hype up something that deserves it. Join us in welcoming back the real E3!

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Forrest Gump3435d ago

2.Kojimas next project.
1.Project Trico

I think Sony have a few new Ps3 exclusives to show off at E3 hence the reason why they're debuting Heavy Rain+MAG gameplay before E3,hopefully one of the new Ps3 exclusives involves Rockstar :)

-MD-3432d ago

Looking forward to what Rare is working on mostly.

Mo0eY3432d ago

Sorry guy, but RARE lost its appeal and finesse when they were dumped by Nintendo and scooped up by M$.

You can have your Diddy Kong Racing 360 or Kameo 2.

-MD-3432d ago

Couldn't disagree hard enough.

-Loved PDZ online
-Viva Pinata was addicting
-Kameo was good fun
-Loved Banjo N&B single player.

Rare is fine people just like to universally hate on something.