Dear Gaming Industry, This Is Why You're Losing Money.

Summer is just around the corner and the gaming industry finally releases a whole bunch of big titles for us to play during the holiday. But what's this? All the games are releasing on the same day? Oh that's just great.This is the same problem that causes gamers to go insane right before Christmas. All the good titles release either at the same time or with only a week's difference. Next week, on the 29th of May, we will see the release of inFAMOUS, Fuel, Guitar Hero: Metallica and SBK 09. What's that you say? Guitar Hero: Metallica is already out? Well not over here in the magical land of clogs, tulips, drugs and brothels. Then the week after that we see the release of Prototype, Red Faction Guerrilla, Sacred 2, The Sims 3, Star Ocean 4 (again the whole Netherlands/Europe thing), Street Fighter 4 for PC. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, Guitar Hero: Smash Hits (which I'll discuss later), Arma 2, Overlord 2, Rock Band Unplugged, Tales Of Vesperia (EU), Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood and Fight Night Round 4 following in the few weeks after.

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DRUDOG3438d ago

I guess I will never fully understand why the industry cannot figure out how to space out game releases. Obviously some get pushed back (Sacred 2) and some get moved up (inFamous), but most of these games had been announced for this time frame a long time ago.

Wallets will be hurting the next few weeks...

kevnb3437d ago

don't complain about too many good games... and I'm sure the gaming industry is making tons of money... why would they continue to release so many games?