Quantic Dream Hints at Post-Heavy Rain Plans

Back in December, 1UP ran an interview with Quantic Dream co-CEO David Cage in which he said the company was looking to start work on a pair of projects in addition to PS3 adventure game Heavy Rain (which, to throw a plug in, 1UP is covering all this week). "The company has now reached another stage where we're ready to have two and soon three projects at the same time, with the same desire of ambition and originality," he said.

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tocrazed4you3438d ago

I would like think they are all exclusives for the ps3 :D

OGharryjoysticks3438d ago

Microsoft wants a game from them just so they can say the 360 can run a game by these guys too

Legendary-Status3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

I aint never played a game like Heavy Rain but what I seen I want to play so bad I like the part when the girl is walking threw the club it look's so life like seen this on spike just a few minute's ago..

This game proably is going to have one of the best story's for a game so epic... I don't know bout yall but Heavy Rain make's me want to play their game to find out the twisted story... Heavy Rain is a massive game.. and if you die in the game theirs no game over so you just play with the remaining character's so the game would have been different if you didnt die... this game is going to be krazy and unique in it's own way from other game's.. so the story can be different if anybody die's heavy rain has a Massive story & theirs like 4 people to play with lol....Heavy Rain Story is going to be so so Life Like it's unreal... that's like saying everybody in the world want have the same ending that played the game or you have to play the game several time again to see everything... and their is nudity, sex, so a person can proably get raped in this game... this game is not for kid's

Goldsack3438d ago

Uncharted 2 & Heavy Rain & Ratchet&Clank = 3 Big WTF

Maybe An Big E3 Announcment..(GT5)..Then we Have 4 WTF´S!!!

Disccordia3438d ago

This expansion must be coming about through investment from somewhere...