June 3rd Uncharted 2 Will Be Unleashed With Qore

Uncharted 2 is a huge title that only Qore subscribers are going to enjoy, but this is a smart method on Sony's behalf because more and more people are going to join right now as well.

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Fatal Blow4071d ago

Can't wait for Uncharted 2 loved the first one and was like wow when i put the disc in amazing game

if u guy's are looking for the Uncharted 2 BETA Access Code

game and shopto are giving them out not only play so hurry guy's while it last's

chaosatom4071d ago

to get the beta.

But you have to be a qore subscriber. don't you?

GameGambits4071d ago

Only Qore subscribers?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe if you pre-order/buy inFAMOUS you get the Uncharted 2 MP beta code, right?

As usual every hiphopdumbdumbtard article that gets put on here is misleading, filled with BS, and without looking I can tell you was written/done by a man with less intelligence than a chimp.

Mighty Healthy4071d ago

That is true but the hassle of doing so could be too much for some people and they might go the easy route and just pay for the subscription and their set.

FamilyGuy4071d ago

I had gotten it a while back, i could've gotten in the Fat Princess MP Beta

They recently had early access to that Red Fraction demo and they get free themes and codes for things in Home.

They've even given away a couple of PSN games.

Christopher4071d ago

zlatko is correct. Have two codes coming my way (already got a friend to give the second to, so please don't ask), one from Qore and one from inFamous pre-order from

There will likely be some way of downloading the Uncharted 2 single player demo later in the year, probably Qore and pre-order at the least. Likely just doing this now to advertise inFamous and to get in some quality beta testing of the multiplayer game.

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Xof4071d ago

When is Sony going to realize that no one--NO ONE--wants Qore? Free gimmicks ain't gonna help.

And what's the deal with this article? What is it even saying? Is Uncharted 2 going to be a PSN game? Is it simply a downloadable demo? Or does a subscription to Qore somehow result in Gamestop or Wal-Mart, or what-have-you, selling the game early?

I'm sorry, but--WTF?

lloyd_wonder4071d ago

haha. It's Hip Hop Gamer... :/

"wtf" We ask ourselves that everytime...

egm_hiphopgamer4071d ago

Qore is actually going to be expanding soon so i think it's going to make alot more people interested in it. I like it i think it's cool but truthfully alot of people brought the subscription simply cause of uncharted 2 and that's big but i feel you on the whole Qore thing in the beginning but now things are looking brighter just like HOME is

torontoml4071d ago

I have a subscription and really enjoy it, will be resubscribing in July, when mine is up. $25 for everything I've gotten this year has definitely been worth it.

- Ghost of Sparta -4071d ago

Funny, 'cause I'm a Qore subscriber now and will resubscribe again in August. If you've got no idea what Qore is then please shut the hell up.

SRU96004071d ago

Damn, for all the hate on hiphopgamer, the man sure has a lot of bubbles. lol

Kenshinhimurasz4071d ago

I'm a subscriber to Qore and its very entertaining. You get a sneak peak on three featuring games which includes behind the scene look, developer interview, art work, music. Furthermore, some Qore episodes give you free access to early demo, and PSN games. Imo Qore is fun to watch, the girls who host the shows are hot, and its funny. You also get free Uncharted 2 MP code!! now that's cool. Yeah... you get the code if you buy Infamous too... so guess ill have two codes, so who wants the extra code? I look forward each month for Qore, its so awesome. Its just 25 dollars? with free psn games and exclusive stuff for subscribers you can't go wrong with that, well unless your broke.

badz1494071d ago

dude...stop talking on behalf of ever everybody else! Qore is cool but being in a non-US resident, I only have 3 episodes which is 7(free), 10(free code in PS June magazine) and 11(free)! but I really like it and I think many more do! I wish I'm in the US. getting free stuff and exclusive access as a subscriber are things that make the deal sweeter! PSN is free so there is nothing wrong with sony cashing in some bucks from Qore for it's totally optional like any other contents in PSN and giving free stuff for people who bought it!

FamilyGuy4071d ago

Quore seems great to me (not a subscriber yet)
It's basically what playstation underground was for the PS1/PS2

There are two FREE episodes that you can download to see what it's all about and from what i've read about it it's WAY worth the $25

Early demo access
some PSN games free
All sorts of dev interviews and behind the scenes access


Im waiting as i don't want to be added as a statistic for the Uncharted 2 MP beta. Im getting the code with my copy of inFAMOUS in a few days.

Christopher4071d ago

1-year subscription: $25

Free games received:
- Calling All Cars ($9.99 originally)
- High Velocity Bowling ($9.99 originally)
- Linger in Shadows ($2.99)
- Syphon Filter (PS1 Classic; $6.99)

Beta access:
- Resistance 2
- Uncharted 2

Early demo access:
- Flock
- F.E.A.R. 2
- Red Faction: Guerilla
- and more...

The extra videos and interviews don't hurt at all, so I'm happy with the annual subscription and will re-up next month when mine expires.

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Fatal Blow4071d ago

When u pre-order from game or shopto or play u get the Uncharted 2 BETA Access Code or u can get it by getting Qore so u can Get it early

Beta access to Uncharted 2 but unless u don't care everyone will get it at one point but am not waiting

Storm234071d ago

I don't want in the beta. Uncharted is my second favorite game this generation (MGS4) and I don't want anything to do with the second one until I have the whole thing. I know a lot of you guys disagree with me, but that's how I feel.

For those of you in the beta...GIVE GOOD FEEDBACK and have fun!

aaron58294071d ago

Same here...

I've been resisting the temptation of even looking at pics and vids...

I dont wanna see anything...

Mighty Healthy4071d ago

It's smart to me, it'll help boost subscribers and expose more to the PlayStation 3 owners.

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