Rumor: Metal Gear Solid 5 At E3 2009

lvl2 writes:

"After a series of announcements announcing announcements, Kojima's website finally reveals …another countdown, this time 120 hours. For now we see a random series of numbers 5 E 3 9 being displayed in random what does this mean? Check out the analysis after the jump."

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Snake Raiser3435d ago

metal gear solid (5) at (E3) 200(9).
(5E39) Do you think that is it?

mcroddi3435d ago

Okay reset and 120 hours of rain...great

RonyDean3435d ago

I hope they announce Metal Gear 5 at E3, that would be awesome! After playing the last one I have been wanting some more Metal Gear.

Uncle Rico3435d ago

Getting tired of the announcements upon announcements... better be a good game :)

Snake Raiser3435d ago

I hope it means. metal gear solid (5) at (E3) 200(9).
(5E39) If it is MGS5 what year do you think it will come out?

Uncle Rico3435d ago

I rather he just say that than tease us like slaves