Prey 360 Coming Soon

SPOnG spoke to a 2K Games rep earlier today who assured tehm they are doing everything they can and that the 360 demo should be up "in the very near future."

The game, based on the Doom 3 Engine, features some interesting stuff, including spirit-walking, wall-walking and something called 'the Deathwalk' which allows you to fight back to life when you die.

FamoAmo6569d ago (Edited 6569d ago )

Anyone checked today? I hope its today probably for sure by tomorrow b/c I need to play it this weekend!!

Sexius Maximus6569d ago

When they say "soon"...does that mean a day a two, or a month or two?

BIadestarX6569d ago

I'm getting a little tired of all of this. They should simply not announce if they can't guarantee delivery. They should announce games launch dates as they always did. But not demos or Xbox live arcade games since they obviously don’t feel enough pressure to meet their own deadlines when it comes to demos or Xbox live arcade content. I know developing software it is not easy and video game it’s probably the most difficult form of software development (I am a software/database/web developer myself); but lots of people are having problems managing their expectations, when it comes to promised content. It seems that 95% of the time any new content is announced it end up being postponed without any explanation or any details of when the content will be available. It’s unlikely that this is the reputation Microsoft wants to have regarding Xbox live; but this is the reputation that it is currently earning.

Xtrm L1481L1TY6569d ago

So basically when Microsoft says something, don't expect it to happen. Way to be Microsoft... Keep up the great work ;)

Lucidmantra6569d ago

the game come out at the end of next month. So i doubt that long.

Defman4206569d ago

we need another online gaming cosole that'll give microsoft a run for their money

Marriot VP6569d ago

yah too bad there won't be, considering PS3 online games will most likely charge money.

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All Hopes I Had For A Prey Sequel Have Been Crushed — Well Done, Microsoft

The magnificent Prey was once again abandoned as Microsoft disregarded Arkane Austin's achievements and crucified it just for Redfall.

RaidenBlack42d ago

well, not entirely ... the main Arkane studio i.e Arkane Lyon's still there ...
Its only that, the sequel will take more time now ... after Blade & Dishonored 3

MrBaskerville42d ago

But who knows, Dishonored 3 could have been Austins next project, so might be cancelled.

RaidenBlack40d ago

Dishonored is Lyon's flagship IP ... Austin only assisted in the first one, the sequel was wholly developed at Lyon whilst Austin developed Prey.
If Dishonored 3 was indeed greenlit ... rest assured, it would've been helmed primarily by the Lyon studio.

-Foxtrot42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Not even this Prey

Still longing for a sequel to the original Prey with Tommy

The studio didn't even want to call this Prey, it was just Bethesda being dicks to them for some reason.

RaidenBlack42d ago

MS closed Roundhouse Studios (ex-Human Head Studios) as well

Yui_Suzumiya42d ago

Yeah, that's who was going to do the original sequel.

bunt-custardly41d ago

Don't worry there are some other games in development that might fill that void. Look up Vigilancer.

isarai42d ago

Came here to say this, my hooes for a Prey sequel died when this "Prey" came out

Profchaos42d ago

Prey 2017 still hurts to play because what could have been looked so incredible

Profchaos42d ago

Same Bethesda basically screwed over the original developer team human head back around 2011 so it was really never going to come despite a honestly amazing trailer. I liked prey 2017 but it always held a stink of disappointment due to what we never got

FinalFantasyFanatic41d ago

I really didn't like this game, tried it because of how loved the original Prey was, played the demo of this one and thought it was garbage, it didn't feel nice/fun to play.