All Hail kojima "Secret Project Still Not Unveiled"

CriousGamer Writes...Well fans the secret project that had been giving you stomach aches has finally been revealed and it's what you all expected.

Well dream on nothing has been unveiled a new timer started.


Along with E,5 another Alphabet/Number is flashing behind the timer looks like a lowercase (e) or a 9 the other way around.

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xwabbit4059d ago

yeah im on the freaking page waiting for something to pop up Lol

KionicWarlord2224059d ago

Yeah it does look like thats it. But what if after this timer another one starts....damn the irony . Still i would like to know what his project is.

heroicjanitor4059d ago

MGS5 for either the wii or ps3. I just think I remember seeing kojima go on about the wii's potential or something once.

xwabbit4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

ITS UP!! 8 more days 4 next clue... E3......

Elimin84059d ago

Kojima is Flocking with you guys... And loving it.. All will be revealed in due time though...Just sit tight it will be good...

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GiantEnemyCrab4059d ago

I thought it was well know that a new timer would start? I think there is even another one after this one. It's odd that it seems to end right at the day MS makes it's press conference.

I am not implying anything here because I don't think it's anything 360 related. Just interesting to say the least. It's also the first day of E3 so it is probably not even connected.

dktxx24059d ago

It was suspected. A lot of people probably thought "why in god's name would you do that?" and just didn't believe whoever it was that first said it.

heroicjanitor4059d ago

Maybe he will annoy everyone and microsoft will present the last 10 seconds and then announce it multiplatform(not exclusive, they don't do exclusives)

I did not murder him4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Kotaku said this days ago. Its going to end on JUN 1st.

@2.2 the 360 has had more exclusives at the end of every year lol. You're not saying that because of that BS DLC article?

Uncle Rico4059d ago

Dont jump to pre-conclusions.. the site seeems to be getting hammered at the wait before assessing what's what.

Lucreto4059d ago

That was quick it is 10 minutes in and already a story.

It is 2am here I am missing sleep for this.

edit: I only get a blank page.

Uncle Rico4059d ago

I get the page now but missing flash file.

Lucreto4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

I am getting the same now.

edit: I got on...

Another fracking 120 hour wait. 5 days another wait.

edit 2: The counter stopped for me and I can't get back on.

Uncle Rico4059d ago

OMG this is such rubbish keeping us waiting

-Mezzo-4059d ago

no not 120 hours on more wait instead 199 hours of more facking wait, i was 100% sure that a new timer will start directing us to wait tile E3.

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Nightfallen4059d ago

I really expected this, so many people thinking they will reveal stuff now..

Basically it now rains, and several letters and numbers have been added.

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The story is too old to be commented.