Red Faction Multiplayer Demo Doesn't Work

PS3Vault: 'If you downloaded the Multiplayer Demo of Red Faction when it released today, and then you proceeded to try and play the demo because, well, that's what you do with demos, you've probabl noticed that it doesn't work. It just continues to search for servers. Indefinitely...'

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solidsnakus3489d ago

i read in the forums its only for the ps3 version. 360 versions been runing fine all day.

table3488d ago

heh. I downloaded the Infamous demo last night instead of this. Good choice ;)

MiloGarret3488d ago

I downloaded both, red faction didn't work, and infamous bored me to death.

GameGambits3488d ago

I'll save you all the time since I've had hands on with the multiplayer demo now...

It sucks. As in it's just not fun sucks. The SP demo was surprisingly great and fun, but the online is just frantic. The game type you play on the only map I played on(not sure if there's more than 1 on the demo), but the game type was less about kicking butt and more about being a repair man.

Seriously you can destroy bases so fast, but repairing them takes much longer. They need to even that out a bit as it flips which team has control so fast and easy you don't see the point slider go up much at all.(This happens when the teams KNOW what they are doing lol otherwise 1 team will storm the other due to the others lack of knowing how to play)

It all around felt clunkier than the SP did so I'm keeping this at a rental for sure. Too bad, because I was hoping for a summer fling. :(

Kushan3488d ago

Some people LIKE a bit of "frantic" in their game. If a team REALLY knows what they're doing, that wont be an issue.

I tried the MP demo and had a blast! (lol)

solidsnakus3488d ago

what r you talking about? ive been playing the 360 demo all day and its really good. you dont need to repair anything in the demo other than those 3 capture points which take 3 seconds. theres 2 levels in the demo... shows how much you played it. buildings dont need to be repaired unless you want to repair them.

FragMnTagM3488d ago

I don't think you played enough of it or you are just hating for no reason. I have been playing this game since the MP Beta, and it is a damn fun game. It does not have the best graphics, but they are decent. The destruction makes up for any lacking in the graphics.

The back-pack super powers are well done, and add to the fun of the destruction. The weapons are new and interesting, instead of the same old machine guns and RPG's.

The destruction alone is why I'm buying this game, as I am huge fan of the first two Red Factions. It boggles my mind why this game is not more popular. It has a lot of cool things that take care of complaints gamers have had for ages. If you can't find a key, make a friggin hole with the hammer and walk through it. If you got a crappy gun and there is a sniper on a tower, you can take out the support for it, and watch it topple down killing that pesky sniper. If you don't like the game, fine, but don't come in here trolling to divert others from a great game.

jBat173488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

@ all crazy talkers below

i did a test before and posted the results here.. i found that the psn download speed is the same as your internet connection.. if it works fine for me but not yours, then it not psn it's your isp, your connection..

man, stop spreading misinformation about the psn. in fact, there was a test done and they found ps3 ethernet is the faster among all consoles...

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II Necroplasm II3488d ago

That's why the 360 version is working lmao

onijutsu3488d ago

*dramatic look*



Slime3488d ago


I'm just glad I downloaded the 360 version. It would have taken longer to download the PS3 version anyway.

3488d ago
peeps3488d ago

Kill Crow, even without the install (which doesn't take v long at all), ps3 download are a lot slower than 360. I dunno why but always have been for me. It can't be my connection thought because obv using the same connection for both ps3/360. just the way it is

bumnut3488d ago

that is one thing i hate about my ps3, you download the a demo and then it asks if you want to install it. what else would i want to do with it?

peeps3488d ago

if you don't plan on using your ps3 while you download:

when you select to download, it asks you if you wish to download in the background. if you dont select download in background it will just download where it is (plus it gives u an estimated time left) + when it's finished downloading it will auto install

Slime3488d ago

Installing demos and PSN games doesn't take long. It's downloading it in the first place that's the problem. Installing games like Bioshock etc is a whole different issue.

I'm willing to put some of this crap down to Sony's inferior European servers. The simple fact is, I download from Live at around 1.2MB/s. Downloading off the PSN seems to peak at 700KB/s.

CrayzeeCarl3488d ago

For the last time, it has nothing to do with Sony's servers! I routinely download from PSN at > 15mbps. It is either something with your network configuration or your ISP may be throttling traffic on certain ports. This has been proven with Comcast.

peeps3488d ago

wow what connection you got to download at 15mb a sec? or do you just mean you have a 15mb connection...

I have 10mb download speed but it probably only goes at around 1mb every 1-2 seconds

Kill Crow3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

My PSN is much much slower than Xbox live for download.

Peeps: if you don't do "download in backround" you can't do anything else while it downloads?

Seriously, what is the point of downloading a demo and then having to manually install it ... leaving the online store and go find your download and then install it ???

On the day I got my ps3 I went straight online and downloaded about 8 demo's, I chose in backround because I thought by the time I chose the last one, the first game would have been downloaded and I could start playing it ... but that wan't the case, because it was taking so long I thought stuff it and had to leave it to download overnight ... much to my surprise in the morning that couldn't play any of them because they all had to be installed, seperately, meaning, you can't just click "INSTALL ALL GAMES" and walk away and come back later ... you have to sit there and watch each one so you can start the next install. 8 games to an hour to install FFS!!!

It just doesn't compare to xbox live in that respect ... you download a bunch of demos and when they're there you can play them straight away and most of the time it will continue to download the rest in the backround while you play...

This is the worst part of PSN ... People say the installs are short, or the downloads speeds don't affect them, but I say it's just plain not good enough. PSN is not up to scratch and anyone who says so either hasn't used both or is just plain deluded.

Same internet connection, same router etc ... why is PSN so much slower? I have unlimited 16MB bandwidth and nothing else is throttled so I very much doubt it's to do with my ISP.

@Peeps, above post: He says he has a 15mbps line which is a 15 megaBITS per second line ... not a 15megaBYTES per second line. to work it out roughly you devide by 8 because there are 8 bits in a byte !

peeps3488d ago

"Peeps: if you don't do "download in backround" you can't do anything else while it downloads? "

thats why i said "if you don't plan on using your ps3 while you download: "

talltony3488d ago

Both xbox live and psn download at the same speed but on psn you cant have auto install on unless you dnt leave the psn store. I have both consoles. One stupid demo doesnt work properly on one system and all you wonderful people can do is talk smack about a service on a system you dnt have! jeeze!

Ju3488d ago

What a bunch of cry babies ....

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marcindpol3488d ago

that is the greatest way to advertise multiplayer part of a game! lol

congrats to the developer of RF..

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