TF2 Sniper vs. Spy update live

The Sniper vs. Spy update for Team Fortress 2 has been released by Valve and is now available on Steam.

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arsenal553440d ago

ill start playing again when they can fix the unlockables back to how they use to be

stpiio3440d ago

The spy is now more over powering then ever, the Cloak and Dagger watch makes finding spies impossible.

Mr Face Creamer3440d ago

These achievements are too hard!

micro_invader3440d ago

Awesome, but I'll bet they'll be like impossible to get.

aldesko3440d ago

I just reinstalled TF2 (haven't played it in about a year) and started getting some spy achievements for about 3 hours, but got the sandvitch...

The change to getting unlockables makes no sense, but I'll get the spy unlocks eventually...