Gamepro: Halo 3: ODST Preview - The New Halo

The UNSC calls them Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. They pack themselves into insertion pods with all the glamour of space sardines and ride the atmosphere like balloons in a thunderstorm. They might make landfall, but then again, they might not. Some think they're all crazy. As far as they're concerned, they need to be. After all, they do call themselves Helljumpers.

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mastiffchild4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

Sounds like a much fresher approach than they allowed themselves last time out. Maybe being freed from having to hone and improve the MC blueprint has left them more room to mmove and innovate the series. I was thinking the other day that Bungie would want to leave Halo with a big bang and a big shift in the gameplay and story would do that-lets hope they really pull off something specual for the SP this time out.

R2D24064d ago

That it made Chuck Norris buy a 360.

-PEEDO BEAR-4064d ago

Chuck Norris asked for his autograph.


Head Shot King4064d ago


Did I mention HALO.

TheAntiFanboy4064d ago

I see a lot of potential for innovation here too, but I also see a lot of potential for stagnancy. Who knows if Bungie decides to reinvent the wheel this time? We'll just have to wait and see.

IdleLeeSiuLung4064d ago

Halo 3 was a great game, but the campaign seemed a little bland. However, I'm stoked about this ODST! Still prefer the Recon name instead of ODST though....

Kill Crow4064d ago

Any site that forces you to an advert whilst paging an article can get stuffed, I don't care what the articles about ...

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Green Lantern24064d ago

This game gonna to be huge i predicting 7 million copies sold worldwide in 1 month.

DNAgent4064d ago

It's just an add-on in disc form. It will have the same exact multiplayer as Halo 3.

Danja4064d ago

Jumping a gun alot much here I

lets hope it's better than Halo 3 if so you guys should enjoy it ..

No Way4064d ago

It's an add-on in disc form? What!?
Sounds like a game to me..

Well, I guess it matters on the size of this "add-on," wouldn't you say?

Shepherd 2144064d ago

yea Halo 3's campaign was great, very solid. I cant wait for this expansion, Bungie usually doesnt disappoint.

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Highatus4064d ago

This is sounding really interesting, can't wait for more info!!

No Way4064d ago

Word! :D

I wanna see this, as well as the Peter Jackson game..

Marceles4064d ago

Hmmm a stealthy open-world Halo, alot of talk about avoiding Brutes and staying with intrigue has grown

Neo6044064d ago

then Halo 1 HD remake.

Xi4064d ago

of something like that coming from someone with a MGS avatar...

mastiffchild4064d ago

I agree his comment wasn't really needed but I also think that Halo3 is much closer to Halo CE than MGS is to MGS3 let alone 4.

It's why I think ODST is so interesting AND so important. I hope it does break the mould somewhat-and I feel it sort of has to. You won't be playing as a virtual superman this time and the gameplay mechanics, as it's still set in the same universe, with the same enemies will have to alter accordingly making Bungie think about things in a totally new light. I think they'll probably find it liberating both for them and the series as Halo3 outside of the usual tight MP was a prety moribund SP campaign and def not a patch on the first, or even imo, the second Halo.

Reading N4G I often think sometimes that I've got it all wrong and being a Halo fan and a MGS fan are really mutually exclusive! However, I really believe this should be a very special game for Bungie, and Halo players too, as it will hopefully widen the experience far more than previous games have been able to. Looking forward to it massively-esp now.

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