EBgames lists Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas (PS3) for May 22 release

It seems that Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas by Ubisoft will be out for the PlayStation 3 this May 22. EBgames and Gamestop have already posted the shipping date for the pre-release copies of the game.

The game is set in Las Vegas, where terrorist activities have recently been occurring with greater frequency. You will have to lead your men in missions which will occur in and around Las Vegas' most popular locations such as Fremont Street and the Strip. The game boasts of better A.I. than any of the previous Rainbow Six games. In addition to this, you can expect real-time tactical advice from your team members and commander as the mission goes on.

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Torch4274d ago

Wasn't this originally slated for March release, which later got pushed to April?

Now late May???

Mishmash194274d ago

it was originally a launch title i think, then i know it got pushed back until jan 31, then march, then april, and now may. every 3 weeks or so i kept checking the new updated release dates on and this date changed each and every time.

Rasputin20114274d ago

I love this title on my Xbox360 it rocks online and is a must for any FPS fan..and hopefully PS3R'S dont have to wait too much longer for this game.

weekapaugh4274d ago

meh, I'd rather they get it right then rush it.

BIadestarX4273d ago

I agree with you, but I don't think this game was delayed because of not being ready. I think is game is already gold. I think many publishers are giving the PS3 sometime to have a larger installbase before releasing their games. EIDOS and other companies are doing the same. This trend will disapear once the PS3 numbers of console are large enough to guarantee a profit. By the look of things it seems it will not be long since the PS3 is selling so well in Europe.

kornbeaner4274d ago

is this game, according to gameinformer has been ready for awhile but has been delayed due to the fact that Ubisoft has been waiting for the PS3 user base to grow.

specialguest4274d ago

That makes a lot of sense. I don't blame Ubisoft either. I would do the same if it results in better sales.

DrWan4274d ago

damn ubi, take the charge already.. If everyone waits, no one is going to move the system. move it, move it!! help move it!!

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