SFX 360: Fallout 3 - Broken Steel Review

SFX 360 writes: "Fallout 3 has been a huge success for Bethesda winning countless amounts of awards including multiple "Game of the Year" honors in 2008. Personally, I just couldn't get enough of wandering around the Capital Wasteland by taking on various quests and facing multiple challenges along the way. With all that said there was still one thing that bothered me, and that was the hard ending that you get when you complete the main campaign. Unlike The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion where you can roam the world endlessly, Fallout 3 just plain ends. Well fear not my wanderers of the wastes because Bethesda has decided to continue the adventure with Broken Steel. Now we can continue to roam the wastes as long as we want.

Broken Steel picks up where the main campaign ends. This means you must complete "Take it Back" or else you won't find out what happens next. For those of you who haven't reached this point, then I suggest you stop reading and keep playing..."

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