Resident Evil 5 still has a chance of releasing on Wii

Signs of seeing a Wii version of Resident Evil 5 hasn't been very positive as of late. However, Capcom's Kazuhiko Abe was recently approached by Reuters Japan with a question regarding a possible eventual release of the game on Nintendo's system and surprisingly, his answer was slightly encouraging.

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Smacktard3437d ago

Well that's more positive. If it gets a Wii release I'll check it out again. In the mean time, I tried the demo on the PS3 and didn't really like it at all.

BattleAxe3437d ago

Maybe the controls would be better on the Wii...

Smacktard3437d ago

It wasn't the controls that bothered me (well, okay, it WAS but that wasn't the worst part). The part that bothered me the most was... I should've gotten my butt kicked. I came close to death about 10 times during the demo cause I was goofing off, and each time Sheva saved me. What's the point? The game's as casual as anything. All I had to do to survive was stay away from that guy with the huge weapon. If I came close to death, Sheva would just save me again. It made the game feel pointless. It was like the Lego games (lol, can't lose!) but with less fun.

sukru3437d ago

You get to die in several occasions. They also have a stats screen that keeps tracks of the ways you die.

Also you might try to play on harder difficulties.

So, give it a shot as a rental, if you like it you might keep it as well.

jay23437d ago

Do you hear that sound, that's the sound of the Wii struggling to.......... Oh no! my Wii died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE5 would have to be majorly downgraded.

Smacktard3437d ago

In the graphical department, maybe. The controls would be an upgrade.

People that honestly care more about graphics than controls are poor excuses for gamers anyhow.

cranium3437d ago

I'd hardly consider people who only own a Wii "gamers."

N4g_null3437d ago

I think we feel the same about most people that hate the Wii. Nothing is more traditional than the VC and a console every one can buy. Nothing is more evolutionary than motion+ we got HD a few years earlier and no one cared SONY copied and the 3rd parties where hype till it did not turn into millions and crazy royalties. It's reset time now. It's possible they have a HD game but really I think the console developers are realizing you guys are PC gamers. You guys want infamous and uncharted with a 3d FMV game.

ChickeyCantor3437d ago

Then people who only own a Ps3 aren't gamers either but cine-f*gs.
( i own both of them, so hup hip hop hurray)

Smacktard3437d ago


Why not? I have a Wii and a gaming-capable computer. What more could I want? True, a few PS3 games interest me, but not enough that would make me put down minimal $400 for a brand new console that can't even play PS2 games.

hatchimatchi3437d ago

i owned a wii for 2 years before i bought a ps3 and ever since then my wii has seen maybe 2 hours of gameplay.

All the nintendo fanboys scream controls>graphics but honestly lots of the controls on the wii aren't anything special. Especially for me cause im left handed. Every console ever made requires you to control with your left thumb, well with the wii i can't aim for crap with my right arm so i have to reverse it and control the character with my right thumb and it feels awkward as hell (corruption being the exception).

Also, don't tell that my situation shouldn't be a factor cause nintendo completely mirrored twilight princess on the wii to make link right handed, cause most people are right handed. So point being, the control argument is shenanigans imo. We've been using controllers since freaking pong but suddenly the wii is released and some people act as if controllers are obsolete. I think some people are trying to make up for what the wii lacks.

N4g_null3436d ago

hatchimatchi I really do not understand your problem the Wii mote is not made for right handed people? You can switch hands or even give the other part of the controller to another person? Also ir is a great way of controlling and it mimics the mouse. Which is my favorite controller thus far for 3d gaming. It's cool if you don't think lots of wii games made a big deal about motion controls but that may mean you just have not tried enough games. Hey feel free to voice your opinion but the Wii is mostly selling because the controls actually make sense.

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TrevorPhillips3437d ago

no it doesnt didnt you hear it couldnt even take the main menu

jay23437d ago

Yeah, note the struggling part of my post.
They said even the menu screen wasn't doable.

digger183437d ago

If its anything like RE 4 and its control system, then I'm in :)

tiamat53437d ago

This wonderful. Mediocre Resident Evil 5 will release on the Wii looking worse than ever. Good plan Capcom.Now that you have all the money from the other sales get some pocket change from Nintendo.

N4g_null3437d ago

You guys are so late to the game. RES evil 4 is the future the HD gen proved this. Same sales with out the cost and a better control set up that will most likely make more fans. Only people loosing are the HD guys, pretty sad.... hey it happen but you have infamous right?

hatchimatchi3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

the post above me is worthless

The only people who are losing out are possibly the wii owners (if the game ends up like chop till you drop). Plus infamous has been getting stellar reviews so i don't know why you dragged in that game. This is a re5 discussion not a time to post flame bait comments.

Also, i just wanna add that re5 really isn't that great of a game. It has it's moments but ultimately to me it's a weak addition to the re series.

N4g_null3436d ago

Hey I'm glad my post is worthless to you. So this won't be that big of a argument right?

You know res evil 5 was on the HD system and even you say it sucks. You aslo realize that res evil 4 got beter on the Wii, so it is remotely possible the Wii could fix this game with a down grade to at least res evil 4 graphics which still look great to me. I'm betting if they got a visual port close to res evil 4 and Wii mote controls it would actually be fun for co op play again. Res evil was and is not that different from res evil 5 except capcom proved that dual shock sucks when your trying to cover your partner. I'm sorry if that gets you miffed but it's the truth, You ever wonder why quake wasn't ported to the HD systems?

Hey like I said you have infamous you shouldn't even be worried about this game because it would suck right? Chop till you drop was buy the C team at capcom and every one in the industry knows this. Hell most of us did not even like it on the 360.

Infamous was not brought up to flame any one it was brought up to show people like you even that HD gaming is about certain types of games that don't really need accuracy. The fun of res evil is partly keeping your cool while taking down zombies with bad a$$ skills. Now being scared because you can't aim correctly is just lame LOL, res evil 5 proved this.

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