Console Heroes: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 Review

Console Heroes writes: "Let's face it I am a sucker for most games made by Koei, not all games but most games. Dynasty Warriors Gundam was a game that didn't really appeal to me that much, as there was just something about it that made me want to dislike it. Taking the game play from the Dynasty Warriors series and adding mech's should have resulted in a great game, but the result was something that to me felt very lackluster and a missed opportunity to make a great game.

Luckily Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 (which will be referred to as Gundam 2 from now in this review) fixes quite a lot of the problems that the first game seemed to have. Still one of the problems with the game for me is unlike the stories that appear in the Dynasty and Samurai Warrior series of games, the ones that feature in Gundam 2 are a bit shit. While this doesn't really affect the game play directly, it does take something away from the enjoyment of playing the game. That's not to say that some people won't enjoy it, it's just not a set of storylines that interest me as much as it could have..."

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