GungHo Finally Details Grandia Online

At a press conference in Tokyo today, GungHo Online Entertainment and its subsidiary GameArts finally took the wraps off its MMORPG Grandia Online. Originally announced four years ago, the project has since been shrouded in mystery. Today, GungHo revealed that the game has been jointly developed by an internal development team and Grandia makers GameArts. As expected, series composer Noriyuki Iwadare is in charge of Grandia Online's soundtrack. Kikuko Inouchi will again lend her voice to Liete. Meanwhile, Mariya Ise will voice the Colta race.

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Honolulu4068d ago

Why an mmo god damn it?
The best thing about the Grandia-series has always been the AFW battlesystem, why would they destroy that by making it an mmo is completely beyond me. :(

GameGambits4067d ago

Personally I'm excited to see how they go about it. This is def. a game series that could work as a MMORPG, because of how the games mechanics have been worked out in the Grandia games.

The only game I'm actually still wondering hasn't gone the MMORPG road is Suikoden RPG series. If any game series would be suited perfect for it it's that and Konami needs to get on it. :)

callahan094067d ago

It's still not confirmed for PS3, right? I think it's just PC for now, but I hope they bring it to PS3, too. With games like Angel Love Online, Uncharted Waters Online, The Agency, DC Universe Online and Free Realms for PS3, the PS3 is shaping up to be a nice destination for MMO fans . . . Sony should make sure Grandia Online accompanies those titles on the PS3.