GameDaily: Prototype Impressions

Until Prototype came along, no game let you elbow a tank and drop kick a helicopter. That's the type of crazy, over the top action you can expect from Activision and Radical Entertainment's open world kill fest. This arcade style beat-em-up is full of death-defying leaps, dismemberment and plenty of monsters. In other words, GameDaily strongly suggests that you put this at the top of your "must play" list.

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rhood0224072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

I like how they act like Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (developed by the same guys) didn't happen.

Until you get to the part where it says "Similar to other open world games..." you could just replace "Prototype" with "Hulk: Ultimate Destruction." Hell, the guy's even a scientist who was transformed by a mutation (although a virus and not gamma rays).

Here's a little snippet from the H:UD description:

"Boasting "Unstoppable Movement" means Hulk can run across walls and other vertical surfaces, climb any wall by digging his fingers into concrete, leap huge heights and distances all under the player's control. Hulk's combat abilities also reflect this increased power; cars and buses are simply smashed out of the way while fully charged attacks will toss vehicles, enemies and unlucky pedestrians into the air..."

Not saying Prototype won't be fun, I actually liked the mindlessness of the Hulk game, but don't start a preview with:

"Until Prototype came along, no game let you elbow a tank and drop kick a helicopter"

It's just embarrassing.

Xi4072d ago

How everyone out there when talking about killzone 2 seemed to forget that GG also made Shellshocked?

Honestly, what's your point? Why are you judging this game on the companies past when we don't do the same for other companies, like bethesda, makers of such classics as:

pba bowling, pba bowling 2, pba bowling 2001,
sea dogs
IHRA Drag Racing 2004, 2005, sportsman edition
Breeders' Cup World Thoroughbred Championships
Pirate of the carribean

and so on. (feel free to go check metacritic)

How about blizzard?
blackthorne - 65/100 (avg metacritic)

I can list any number of developers who've produced absolute junk, but today produce amazing titles.

Rhezin4072d ago

was rated Teen. LAME. This is going to be over-the-top gore. My favorite. Can't wait for this one 2 drop. Love the boxart BTW.

xbollox4072d ago

"we strongly suggest you don't get too excited about infamous"
"actually, we demand you cancel your pre-order and jump in... sorry, wait for prototype"

mastiffchild4072d ago

Dude, didn't they give inFAMOUS a 9/10 just yesterday? I imagine that Prototype will have to go some to match that even after this preview. If it does then we've got two great games to play through, no?

The Hulk similarities do worry me though as that game was cack-the damge you caused had the worst effect I can remember.

khrisnifer4072d ago

It's called a 'clue'.

The verdict is in my friend - 10 previews today on Prototype and all are saying the same thing - it's freakin amazing.

Deal with it - and besides, you can play Prototype too on your PS3!
Some people on n4g just take the cake.