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ToastyMcNibbles3435d ago

sweeeet infamous demo here i come!! oh yeah...rainbow six and lbp content here i come as welll!

ToastyMcNibbles3435d ago

ahh the wait is killin me! im stuck here at work for another 3 hours lol let me know how it is!

cranium3435d ago

I made a European account earlier today just so I could get the inFamous demo early, and by God it was worth it.

WhittO3435d ago

Cant wait to play inFAMOUS, i think its great they have a demo, most sandbox games dont get them, obv its because this game has so much to offer.
Plus Uncharted 2 Beta invite, who could turn this game down lol

II Necroplasm II3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Just got done playing and wow sooooo refreshing.

Its bad ass. The gameplay is the best it feels so smooth. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop is a blast.

FamilyGuy3435d ago

on the d-pad in the last mission to do the thunderstorm

The last mission is the one where you need to stop the truck and it seems impossible.
I did this thunderstormless by rushing head on towards all the guys using that force attack to knock them back, i got to the right of the truck and just kept attacking them and the truck with a barrage of force attack, quick lightning (R1) and lightning grenades.

Traveler3435d ago

Wow guys, you were right, Infamous is awesome!

lordgodalming3435d ago

Just finished my first playthrough of the Infamous demo. Holy crap it's really long for a demo. Thanks, Sucker Punch!

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Kurisu3435d ago

My PS3 won't connect online for some reason so I can't download the demo! It's weird as I can use the PS3 browser, but when I do network test internet connection says: Failed. So, no PS Store for me :( Oh well, games out on the 29th! (UK)

Gambit073435d ago

I keep having the same problem, usually I connect after 3-4 tries.

FamilyGuy3435d ago

Restarting your PS3 and don't do the internet connection test.
You could also try disable and enable your connection in the PS3s connection settings and still DO NOT do the internet connection test.
There are true fixes you can look up via google but these things work if you dont want to readjust your router and ps3 connection settings.

Should work after a few tries.

They really need an update to fix this problem as it is becoming more and more common.

slave2Dcontroller3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

My PS3 has been doing this alot lately. I can use the web on the PS3 browser but the damn thing has the hardest time connecting to PSN.

It seems the more updates they release the worse my baby is getting. I still download them in hopes of there being some fixes included with them.

Sony Has to be aware of this.

Gambit073435d ago

Ford Racing??? wasn't this a bargain bin game for like $9.99 when it came out???? wtf

Myst3435d ago

Alright the US store has been updated. Time to get:
+InFamous Demo
+Monster Hunter Freedom United.

xyxzor3435d ago

Odd no Red Faction MP demo

GameGambits3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Yeah I am from USA, but I DLeded the UK stores infamous and redfaction MP demos as I don't like waiting for good things if I don't have to. :)

Either way the Red Faction MP demo doesn't work for my PS3. It tries to connection to 20 different possible games, fails on each, then makes me a host of a game, no one joins that, and then goes back into the 20 games loop.

Looking like a good start if you can't even get the MP demo to work I say. :D

Edit: Just tried the 360 version of the MP demo for Red Faction. Same deal. So it's not exclusive to either console in fail lol. :(

jack_burt0n3435d ago

i and a couple friends got to 5 ppl but still could not get it going

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