Gamertell Review: Eternal Eden for PC

Gamertell has posted a fairly positive review of Blossomsoft's JRPG, Eternal Eden.

From the review:

"Eternal Eden is an original game inspired by and based on those classic JRPGs. If you have fond memories of sitting in front of your SNES playing Final Fantasy II or Lufia & the Fortress of Doom, it may leave you feeling nostalgic...

Gameplay-wise, Eternal Eden doesn't offer anything new. The staples of established JRPGs are all present in the battles, dungeon exploration and graphics. The translation, though sometimes awkward, is even reminiscent of NES and SNES generation RPGs.

If you've been playing RPGs since the days when the NES, Genesis and SNES reigned supreme, Eternal Eden will be a pleasant experience."

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