Theseis´ cancellation misrepresented?

News that game developer Track7Games has cancelled a PS3 title because of spiralling development costs were misrepresented, says the development studio.

" track7games would like to respond to the erroneous article that appeared this morning June 29, 2006 on

track7games would like to clarify that they never cancelled something that did not exist in the first place. We plan to develop "Theseis" for PC and Xbox360 in the near future. As for the PS3, we simply made a strategic decision to not move ahead because we deemed it not probable at this time. We are however, open to discussions to develop "Theseis" on all next gen consoles."

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mikeeno76599d ago

Just another example why you should trust nothing on this site, or Internet gaming sites. ONLY TRUST THE OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASES FROM THE DEVELOPERS AND THE CONSOLE MANUFACTURERS. I am not going to believe anything on this site.

USMChardcharger6598d ago

keep in mind these are news stories form other sites.
and to top it off, it came from a Playstation site.

andy capps6599d ago

So it's not cancelled, just not being worked on at this time. That just means they're focusing on PC and Xbox 360 (possibly a timed exclusive) and then will port it to PS3. Wii won't get it unless it's watered down quite a bit. Hopefully I'll get to play this after all.

RBlaze6599d ago (Edited 6599d ago )

it wont definately port!

pRo loGic II6598d ago

Yah games made for PC/Vista and the brand new muti-core CPU in the 360 will be watered down when they are ported to the PS3 lol lol. lol it's the other way around PS3 will be capable of a little more special effects thats it!; while 360 has more happening in real time like better weather, better (AI), more background things going on at once ect. and better in-game graphics(not CGI movies)we will see.

USMChardcharger6598d ago

logic...i hit agree on your response by mistake...i was trying to respond.

anyway, to aricha defense...he said watered down if it was ported to the Wii.

andy capps6598d ago

If the PS3 is capable of more effects as you say (and I agree), then why would the Xbox 360 be capable of better weather, better ai, more effect at the same time? Better AI is more related to the processor, of which the Cell more than trumps the Xbox 360 processor. I seriously disagree that the Xbox 360 is capable of running more and better effects. Would that be why they're having to "dumb down" some textures for the Xbox 360 release of Prey, or why it can only handle 30 fps? While a smooth 30 fps is fine, it begs the question that if it is using the Doom 3 engine, which is a couple years old, that if it's having problems with framerates now, what will happen 4-5 years down the line? Of course, MS developers will be able to squeeze more out of the hardware over time, and same with Sony developers, but I was surprised that the Xbox 360 wasn't able to handle all the textures and still output at 60 fps.

And in response, I was not saying in the least that PS3 ports from PC/Xbox 360 would necessarily be watered down. It all depends on the team and who is working on the port. I doubt that it would look any better than the original, unless they add some new filters and textures, but it would be basically the same. Ports from PS3 to Xbox 360 may be dumbed down, in my opinion. I'll be happy to be able to play this game at the same quality as Xbox 360/PC if it is ported to the PS3. I was only saying that when the Dev said they were not ruling out the possibility of other next gen systems that they were definitely not talking about the Wii, because it just couldn't handle this game and do it justice.

pRo loGic II6598d ago (Edited 6598d ago )

2.4 read this so you understand Pray and it's frame rates. PS3 is capable of more effect as in a few more pebbles or sparks when something blows up, no one will care about it.

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TheMART6599d ago

It doesn't mean it get's ported for sure.

It only means they will see don't say it for sure never will come. But they don't say it for sure it will come to PS.

Only thing that is now is that it is on 360/PC.
Like many games will with Live Anywhere. Another main strenght of 360/PC where Sony only can watch and see games go on these formats and be played online only on these machines.

That's it. And Assassins Creed is on 360 if you didn't knew already ;)

achira6599d ago

theMart you should be calm. your comments base all the time on rumours. and this time its obviously !!! hahhaaa. and assasin creed will not be realeased on the xbox360 (because its not annaunced). and it was never runned on a xbox360 you fool. go home you loooooooooooser.

TheMART6598d ago

Again it seems you look like ssj's brother.
For sure I guess you're talking about your own posts and the rumours and nonfacts you give.

First the article about this game says it's announced for PC/360. Not for PSZero. Not now, not in the future. You say it is, so you are making rumours that are not there.

Secondly Assassins Creed for sure will be on 360. Not only rumours, but also stated off the record by employees. And don't forget Ubisoft is main 360 game supplier, 3rd party and will sell this game on a format that is proving itself already.

You know what is a rumour? The PSZero in total. It is a rumour for years already they delay, overpromise and underdeliver

'Annaunced' is not written that way. Damn maybe you are ssj, type 'sadd' or 'pahatetic' for me please

now go watch yourself/ssj

somesonyguy6599d ago

How the gaming industry constantly contradicts itself. A journalist writing about the industry that keeps bread on their table shouldn't be so quick to throw in a sucker tag line at the end like, "Even though that's what they said, surely that's not what they mean." That's how you lose exclusives and make yourself unreputable. And don't throw, "That's cuz it's about the PSZero" crap at me because it happens in every segment to every company. Oh and Achira, I'm right there with ya dude, but smart money is that you should stop trying to battle The Mart every chance you get. He does a good job of making you look like a total ass. Just a thought.

jiggajayp6599d ago

Please, they are not developing this title for the PS3 right now because it`s too costly too do that right now for such a small company!! It costs about 67 million to make games for the PS3 right now compared to about 17 million for the XBOX 360!! They will probably make it when they get sales from the pc and 360 then they might make it for the peice of sh!t 3!

TheMART6598d ago

can you give some links for all of us including die hard Sony believers where these things are written down in facts? Would be a nice read

AuburnTiger6598d ago

Holy crap, 67 million!! That's almost the same budget as movie productions. I'm calling bs on this one.

You should definitely show some links to support your ludicrous comment

andy capps6598d ago

Yes, let's see a link. And are these standardized figures based on all of the completed Xbox 360 and PS3 games? Are they comparing a Xbox Live title to Final Fantasy XIII which has 50+ hours of gameplay? Break it down for everyone.