Awesome Video Game Art Inspired by Super Mario Bros. 2

Slashgamer: "Winona Nelson is an artist, but is no stranger to video games. She is a a concept artist for the studio Planet Moon, who developed the cult-hits MDK and Armed and Dangerous.

Up top was is a print she created that was obvious inspired by the underrated Super Mario Bros. 2 video game. The level looks like the first world, where Mario and the gang must jump over waterfalls and throw vegetation at the infamous Shy-guys. While I never really thought about how terrifying those enemies really were, Winona has now opened my eyes. Those hands are…icky."

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MonkeyMan4070d ago

it's always so creepy to see this kind of stuff.

penguinhunter4070d ago

I now believe the ShyGuys are the spawn of Satan.

ElementX4070d ago

Super Mario 2 was creepy as hell. Everything just looked wrong. *shudder*

Yi-Long4070d ago

... apart from Mario and Luigi, who should have just been drawn, instead of a touched up photo of 2 guys posing.

Great and original angle and drawing skills though.

R3D4070d ago

Mario and Luigi are drawn, they aren't photoshoped pictures of two guys lol. Thats how real she wanted them to look for a possible allegorical reason. i.e. two grown men in a whimsical setting that is tranquil save for the disturbing silent intruders. Has a bad trip writing all over it for me lol.