New Dreamcasts Back in Stock at ThinkGeek

That Gaming Site writes: "Gamers who missed out on the $99 new in the box North American Dreamcast deal at ThinkGeek have a chance to redeem themselves. ThinkGeek has now restocked their Dreamcast arsenal, for a mere $99 you too can own a piece of gaming history."

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Elven63526d ago

Hopefully this also spurs game development, many Indie devs can make some good money selling Dreamcast games.

pangitkqb3526d ago

The dreamcast deserved better.

JustinSaneV23526d ago

For being such a "failure" it sure has had lasting appeal.

<3 Dreamcast

Elven63526d ago

I agree, I bet a majority of Dreamcast haters have never even played a Dreamcast!

Halo3 MLG Pro3526d ago

Yeah same with all game haters and fanboys.

Marceles3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

"I bet a majority of Dreamcast haters have never even played a Dreamcast!"

Yeah that's how it is with anyone who doesn't own or play a system. Dreamcast was amazing when it launched and had some really good memorable games on it. I seriously think it had one of the best launches ever. It had good advertising, good games, good price, new technology, it was really underrated. <3 Dreamcast indeed

Green Lantern23526d ago

PS3 better watch out dream cast is aiming for that 3rd spot.

Elven63526d ago

If the Dreamcast is ever re-manufactured by a licensed third party I would cherish the day the Dreamcast overtook the Gamecube! :p

spydersvenom3526d ago

That's funny because it's true, and I love my PS3 more than my other two consoles. Also the ISO development still going on for Dreamcast makes it more tempting than ever. That and the library is really good.

Elven63526d ago

What the hell is a "trey"?

Tacki3526d ago

The "trey" is the PS3. I'm not exactly sure where this term originated but I know that's what it refers to. I first heard some crazy guy on youtube use it.

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The story is too old to be commented.