Console Monster: Halo Wars DLC - Strategic Options Review

Console Monster writes: "Despite Halo Wars developer, Ensemble Studios, disbanding earlier this year, downloadable content for Halo Wars managed to fight its way onto the Xbox LIVE Marketplace with help from newly-established developer, Robot Entertainment. The downloadable content titled "Strategic Options" contains three new game modes for the title's Skirmish mode, each of which extends the Halo Wars experience.

The first of the new game modes is 'Keepaway,' which is your typical Capture the Flag style game mode we are ever-so-familiar with, though with a Halo Wars twist. The flag is represented by a dynamic sentinel, which, when destroyed, is assigned to the unit that eliminated it. For a capture point to be scored, the flag carrier must be kept alive for the two-minute time limit. The winner is the first team to reach three capture points. Whilst this seems like an unusual game mode for a real-time strategy title, it is surprisingly really good and one that has been brilliantly implemented..."

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Halo3 MLG Pro3531d ago

Superb DLC. Unfortunately it costs a lil to much but oh well, so does a lap dance.