Gaming site's hacked WoW account restored

This is a little follow up to our report yesterday on gaming site Kotaku's hacked World of Warcraft (WoW) account. What happened was one of its journalists logged on to the MMO video game only to find out that his level 62 Mage character called Rande has been stripped of its, well, everything. The journalist's mailbox and bank account were also robbed.

According to the journalist, he filed this immediately to Blizzard Entertainment and the latter promised to investigate on the matter. To his surprise, all missing in-game items have been restored back when he checked in today. The journalist mentioned,

After hearing horror tales from guild mates and commenters yesterday I expected to have to wait anywhere from three days to 'good luck with that', yet here I am, fully decked out in my lovely + frost heavy splendor, ready to fight beside my comrades once again.


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The General4281d ago

i'm pretty sure some of those banned accounts were legal

Ps30074281d ago

Got no remorse for that website.. They want to leak details, bash consoles, so im glad it happend.. Hope it happends again.. But then again what geek still plays WoW... Its time has come and gone and was over rated from the start....

WoW had nothing on DaoC

power0919994281d ago

Last time I saw the figures, WoW was still growing.

8.5 million users last I heard.