Scaled CMOS Will Pave the Way for Moore's Law for Decades to Come – Intel

Xbit: "Some observers claim that modern complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) process technologies will not be able to scale beyond 16nm gate size (which is due in 2013, according to Intel Corp.) and principally new ways of making computer chips will need to be found. However, International Planning Working Group for Nanoelectronics sees no viable alternative to CMOS and believes that this tech will be used for decades to come.

Hundreds of research institutions around the world are looking into emerging devices that could someday replace charge-based CMOS, which forms the basis for today's computer chips. There have been predictions that as CMOS transistors continue to shrink, a point will eventually be reached at which quantum mechanical effects make them unusable or their power dissipation becomes prohibitive."

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Viso Games3435d ago

This article is basically stating that Moores Law runs out in 2013 and we reach a technological Dead-End in terms of computer processing. Whether or not this will be a brick-wall scenario or a singularity remains to be seen, however.

Seriously, no interest at all?