Can Kingston SSDNow M Upgrade Kit put SSDs in mainstream?

BSN: "The SSD is a new "it" trend in the computing market; you have heard us talk about them from a few different angles including giving you information about how key players plan to standardize the SSD products.

While all that is great it does not really let you know what you should do if and when you make the move to an SSD and stuff it in your desktop or laptop. Kingston, a company with a history of making great memory products, has a nice solution for you. Recently, the company joined forces with Intel and began selling rebranded X-25M drives under the brand of SSDNow. The idea was to put a handy little SSD upgrade kit to make the move to SSD easier for you. We here at BSN* have the good fortune to try one of these kits out. So let's dive in and see just how simple the Kingston SSDNow upgrade kits makes the move from HDD to SSD in an ASUS G2S-X1 notebook running the Windows 7 Release Candidate, and also see if it is worth it."

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