inFamous - Good vs. Evil Gameplay writes "We have some new gameplay which we entitle Good v Evil. This video is on our new YouTube Channel - GamingFrontTV"

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WildArmed3437d ago

this is extremely old.
IGN showed this awhile ago.

Nelson M3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

On my first Playthrough
Every Citizen is a BoT
So Everone's Gonna get their Ass kicked Bigtime

WildArmed3437d ago

i really didn't expect anything else from nelson ;)

farhsa20083437d ago

those peds sure got their ass handed to them

belal3437d ago

as hero, the after one play trough il play as evil muhahahahahaha.....



PirateThom3437d ago

Loved the demo, it's satisfying as all hell when you're kicking ass.

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