Mortal Kombat on the DS?

Another interesting listing is up on EB Games, this time for the Nintendo DS. It looks like Midway might be developing Mortal Kombat for the Nintendo DS. Can You imagine how touch screen control could enhance Mortal Kombat's gameplay? It would be neat if you could knock players into different screens.

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princ3ofp3rsia4273d ago

I like the knocking your enemy into a different screen idea! Hope this is True...

The General4273d ago

i want to see how this is going to work.

sumfood4u4272d ago

LOST IT'S EDGE. i don't see my self playing this game even if i got it for free. every since mk2 & beyond it became more silly than bloody. all thoes babyallities, friendship and animal allitaly is REDICULUS. BHUT I WISH MK FAN STILL ENEN THIS GAME CAUSE I WON'T.