FutureScape: Viable HD Solution for Xbox 720, How PS4 Could Easily Surpass PS3 "Future tech is always hard to predict because it's unknown just when it'll appear. It could be today, tomorrow, even the next ten seconds it takes to comment on and/or against anything. It's a bit easier with consoles, given their long shelf-life, especially taking into account the extremely expensive architecture and technology included in newer consoles like the Playstation 3. Of course, the Wii's motion-based gameplay also holds a long shelf-life not especially because of it's cutting edge tech but due to the innovations successfully propagated within the mainstream (at an affordable price to Nintendo, nonetheless). Given the highly divergent nature of Nintendo's home console designs, I'm going to focus on two things: An interesting and completely viable High-def (HD) media format for the Xbox 720 (aside from Blu-ray, of course) and how the Playstation 4 could surpass the PS3 (maybe without even much change to the current Cell architecture). The answers respectively lie within two simple technologies: DVDs and RAM."

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Godmars2904064d ago

You'd expect Sony to surpass the PS3 with the PS4 ;/

WildArmed4064d ago

next article:
Xbox 720 surpasses Xbox 360.
Wii 2 surpasses Wii.

now.. people love to make up stuff.
but facts are what really matter. i love when ppl forget that

Godmars2904064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

That it'll be a simple HD update BC which will make all older Wii titles look like crap.

Will probably sell just as well...

@La Chance
Have to guess that in this instance the author wanted to bash on the PS3 by taking a lopsided non-bias angle. That he realizes that it has more room for improvement over the 360.

euchreprof4064d ago

I highly doubt the PS4 will be more powerful than the PS3. I believe it may be more powerful than a PS1 but not even as powerful as a PS2. PS: I am mental hospital certified crazy.

Nike4064d ago

Ravi just wanted to write a tech article. That's all. Of course, you're welcome to your delusions. :)

Also, how do you bash the PS3 in a non-bias way? :/

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La Chance4064d ago


Whats up with all the speculation about consoles that we have no proof they exist (though Im sure they do).

We arent even half way through this gen and people getting all excited already for the next gen geez.

Kakkoii4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Fact: Next Gen console will be more powerful than previous gen. Just like every generation <_<.

And when it comes to the 360/PS3, they both need to focus more on the GPU next time, because they chose the current mid range GPU's at the time instead of more powerful ones. They also lack a good amount of ram. CPU wise they are pretty set, maybe another 2-4 cores in the future, that's all they will really need since future GPU's will be starting to take more and more of the load off the CPU.

KGB4063d ago

The next xbox is pivotal for MS. IMHO it will either be the hardcore victor next cycle or their last console. I think that Sony will either win this generation overtime or mitigate the sales difference to a moot point. I think next gen is crucial for both companies
(time will tell, its just a guess)

In my opinion here is what the next gen comes down to:

CPU - Sony has an advantage here new updated cell, low dev costs, next iteration, simple scale up... but MS is resourceful... I give the edge to Sony but we will see

GPU - MS won this time, but with the nVidia pipeline and a card built for cell synergy from day one this time around, Sony will be tough to beat... for now give the edge to MS because ATI/AMD seems to win this battle every gen and has a great console pedigree

Media - Perhaps MS's biggest concern, cant go only download, no new media will be cheap enough for the next launch... will they go BR? If MS goes BR, Sony should make sure they have a faster BR... this could be where the battle is won and lost... storage size is irrelevant since MS will make sure they are competitive this time around... it comes down to read speed... very crucial to system performance, assuming we don't install every game... Adv Sony

RAM - Sony got smacked this time around... Props MS, launched a year earlier and a better solution. I do think Sony will make sure they have equal or better RAM this time around... but for now adv MS

Overall guesses...

CPU - Sony has an equal or slightly better cpu for much less cost

GPU - Equal, on paper but nvidia finds ways to share tasks with the cell and get better real world performance

Media - Both use BR, but Sony's faster BR gives them hands down better performance

RAM - With the money Sony saved on the cpu they have equal or better RAM than MS... maybe not we will see

Not bashing MS, I just feel that Sony is in a better position for the next round from a hardware standpoint, MS could easily prove me wrong and there may very well be breakthroughs that would negate some of my points... cant wait to see what develops