Red Faction: Guerrilla PC version delayed, coming 'during this summer'

Joystiq: Though the console-bound versions of THQ's upcoming liberation sim Red Faction: Guerrilla will be hitting store shelves in a week and some change, it looks like the PC version of the title will be a little late to the party. We received tips pointing us to a few online retailers who had listed the game's launch date as August 25 -- almost three months later than the drop date for the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of the title.

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MGOelite3439d ago

i dont know what game to get for my ps3, this or bionic commander

Kushan3439d ago

It's Bionic Commando, not commander.

Charlie26883439d ago

Sounds to me that its either of 2 possibilities for the delay:

A) The classic false "delay" in order to avoid console costumers from shifting to the pirated PC version, sadly enough this wont stop the 360 version from getting pirated and kills potently legit PC costumers who will use the money they had ready on something else (and some will probably end up pirating the game later due to the delay hype killer)

B) Its a technical mess as its so common with this straight from console ports of lately and needs more time so it will be LESS broken upon release after which there is a 80% chance it will never get any support later on no matter how broken

to make stuff worse there is a good chance A and B can happened together as we already saw several of this games getting the PC version later and still being broken with little to no support later on -_-

Kushan3439d ago

I'm not sure its going to be a technical mess, the demos they've released so far are incredibly smooth, considering all that's happening on screen. I think Volition seems to know what they're doing. In fact, they brought the release forward, which usually indicates they're ahead of schedule (and thus less bugs have been found that needed fixing)

As for the real reason of the delay, who knows? It's probably less to do with piracy and more to do with making more money from console sales. If you own a decent PC and a console and aren't bothered about the platform, you'll likely go for the cheaper version, which the PC always is.

Ellessdee3439d ago

it is technical issues. obveously. there hasnt really been any clips or a demo or anything released for the pc version, and now this, obveously they are going through tecnical issues. and chances are the finaly product will still be buggy. i should of expected this, guess ill go ahead and buy it on ps3 now.

@ kushan: you cant compare the pc version to the demo on the consoles, because the console versions are being both developed in house, where as the pc version is being ported by a second party.

badz1493439d ago

they know that the PC version will be cracked and pirated out of the gate and focusing on consoles sales during the 1st several months is just logic and much more a wiser move! even though it will be pirated on the 360 also, but it will still sell quite a bit if the reviews are good.