Capcom's secret game is from a well-known Capcom IP, not a remake

Besides confirming earlier today to CriousGamer that Capcom's secret E3 game is not Devil May Cry 5 and it is something that fans have been waiting for, Capcom has provided a bit of further insight as to what exactly this mystery title is.

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windmill1453531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

I thought that too but Capcom has just said it wont be a sequel to DMC.

- Ghost of Sparta -3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

As much as I loved Dino Crisis, I can't imagine a sequel. I think we'll see a new Onimusha for PS3 and 360.

typikal823531d ago


snaz273531d ago

there is one thing CONFIRMED content left out or hidden then BS dlc sold 2 weeks after release, maybe even an unlock code for the stuff already paid for! whoop whoop im sooooo excited bring on the arse rape capcom lmao

GCNSeanFoster3531d ago

I hope Strider, but how about a new Ghosts & Goblins/Ghouls & Ghosts game!

solidjun53531d ago

...*Drumroll*, Mega Man Legends. ^_^

Bnet3433531d ago

I wish for Dino Crisis 4, Capcom vs SNK 3, Viewtiful Joe 3 (I know), Resident Evil 6 (I know)

Onimusha was a nice game, not pumped for a sequel but it is welcomed.

mastiffchild3531d ago

I can really see this being Oni5 OR Dino4 tbh. For me Capcom aren't doing it this gen and RE5 and DMC4 were particular disappointments in my book-but either of those would, done right, put Caopcom back on top of my third party list-where they normally sit!

nothere4133531d ago


Saigon3531d ago

its Breath of Fire...

GameGambits3531d ago

In a world where JRPGS are in a way dying Capcom should step into the ring with my favorite Capcom series...


Please do it Capcom. :(

gaffyh3531d ago


socomnick3531d ago

"Maybe it's...
...*Drumroll*, Mega Man Legends. ^_^ "

I would kill for a new mega man legends I loved that game.

gambare3531d ago

They already made some of their most popular IP, so there is some options left for a current gen version:

Ghouls and Goblins
Final fight
Marvel vs series

maybe is some of those

Seferoth753531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Love to be the person to break this to you guys. From the Capcom Blog.

Capcom E3 Mystery Game #1 revealed in July Nintendo Power

We've been teasing you about our E3 line up for the past two weeks, citing two surprise games as part of our show plans. Well, surprise, here's the news on Mystery Game #1: it's Tatsunoko VS Capcom: Ultimate All Stars! The game that many thought would never make it to North America is actually in the works and will be at E3 for all of you lucky Unity members to get your hands on. It's no secret that Seth and I love this game, and we're looking forward to bringing you more information going forward, from bios on the fighters to tips on going big with combos and special moves. We'll have a more official announcement closer to E3 (which happens June 2 - 4 in LA, as if you didn't already know) along with some extra cool details. Hang in there, more soon! "

They said they had 9 games we now know of 8 of them. SO this game whatever it is, is for Wii.

N4g_null3531d ago

Wait a minute it's rival schools!

MERCS! Some thing old school may be? LOL lost planet LOL.

KKanjiAnkh3531d ago

It's either Street Fighter 2010 2, or Little Nemo 2, LMAO.

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REPLOID243531d ago

It has to be a heavy hitter. when I think of capcom, street fighter, mega man , onimusha, devil may cry come to mind. to lesser extents you have viewtiful joe, strider, darkstalkers, and so forth. onimusha 5 is a good probability, and mega man legends 3 is less likely but possible. strider would be sweet, though.

badkolo3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Its strider, they mentioned a while back they would be bringing strider back , but if thats the case i would wait and see first cuase bionic commando sucks badly.

Bartosss3531d ago

wow strider would be really sweet, I hope it doesnt become too much like dmc though.

N4g_null3531d ago

a stider game with motion+, or mega man FPS lol

Seferoth753531d ago

Who knows maybe VC sales convinced them to bring a new one out.