LittleBigPlanet "The Patch" - New Artists and Levels

Mark Valledor on Official US PlayStation Blog:

"As you can see from our last few posts, we had a great time collaborating and making fun levels with some great personalities. Filled with inspiration and a little help from us, we managed to get something together for everyone to share, and had a great time doing it. Thanks for all the positive comments and welcoming these folks into the LBP community."

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SuperSharpShooter3531d ago

i gave up on this game ages ago, lost my levels and saves, lag was a biggy back then, and by comments made on other article it STILL hasn't been addressed.

I say guess its a time issue in-house, all the dev time hammering out thous pointless costume pack for rip off prices, just quit it will you and fix your game!

SuperSharpShooter3531d ago

its a valid comment, the laggy game cant be ignored