IncGamers Preview - WAR: Land of the Dead

IncGamers' Tim McDonald takes a tour around the forthcoming Warhammer Online zone, the Land of the Dead.

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Leord3438d ago

Oooooh. I SO love the art o9f Warhammer, and did so long before they even started making videogames. It's like WoW but rougher and darker and more awesome =D

Fyzzu3438d ago

The Warhammer art style (and universe, in general) is great. It's a dark, brooding variant on classic fantasy.

I still prefer the 40k universe, mind :) When there are genetically-engineered space-fascists, and they're the closest thing to the good guys, you know you're onto a winner.

SCFreelancer3438d ago

Yea I totally agree.

Sometimes its actually a shame that its so good because its almost never that good ingame..

Leord3438d ago

Yes, on the theoretical level, WH40K is a lot more powerful than StarCraft universe for instance. I mean those big suits of armour are just metal, carried by super-human marines, while the SC ones are a little badass, they get all their strength from technology :P

Monk3y3438d ago

I loved WARHAMMER ONLINE but then i ran out of gametime and can't afford more ):

well.. one day i'll start again.. missing my level 18 Rune Priest (: