Extreme Gamer Review: UFC 2009: Undisputed

The legions of UFC fans have been waiting a long time for a quality videogame featuring the MMA action in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Finally the wait is over as UFC 2009: Undisputed hits retail stores across the globe. UFC fans have their fingers crossed that Undisputed will be the stand up, knockout game version they have always wanted. Standing their ground, THQ and Yuke's make sure that UFC 2009: Undisputed has a fighting chance of being the undisputed champion of fighting games.

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Sky Zero4061d ago

8.2/100 lol that's like epic fail.

(I understand it's meant to be 8.2/10)

Gamer_Politics4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

this game has alot of minor problems

1)the game moves slow
2)knockouts feel cheap
3)ground postion

i would rate this game 8/10...THQ needs to fix those issues