1UP: EA Sports Active Review

1UP: "I've always found that, with exercise, there are two groups of people: Those who love physical exertion, and those who hate it. I fall squarely into the latter category. While I'm not against the concept of exercise, I am squarely against the idea of actually exercising. Don't get me wrong, I've been known to be active and fit at times. But more often than not I fall into the couch potato slump of not wanting to keep up with a tiresome routine. Whether it's going to the gym or simply walking around the block, I just can't be bothered. So when Nintendo released the Wii and the exercise-game genre was taken to the next level, people like me took note. I thought, "How perfect would it be if you could come home, turn on your Wii, and get a workout that rivals the kind you would get from a gym?"

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FinalomegaS3440d ago

not bad,

but I still rather goto the gym and see women work those machines : )